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Real money online roulette

Roulette - it's one of the most famous gambling games in the world. It was invented in the XVII-XVIII century, and since then has undergone many changes. However, until recently, one thing remained the same: to play you must come to the casino. Today, thanks to the development of Internet technologies there is the opportunity to enjoy this game anywhere and anytime. And online roulette is nowhere less popular than its real prototype around the world.

Roulette play for money is based on traditional principles: the player sees a table for placing bets and wheel in which the ball spins. He also has chips of different values that can be put on different sectors on the playing table. Round results are defined by a special random number generator - RNG, is a complex software algorithm, which can not be influenced neither by gamblers nor by the owners of the online casino.

Play for money roulette in the casino Betvoyager is not only profitable, but also very convenient. Firstly, to access a game, you only need a computer, a tablet or a smartphone with Internet access. Thus gamblers can start or finish the round at any time, or simply take a break. Secondly, the random generator used in virtual roulette ensures fair play and prevents any fraud. Third, you can play online roulette for real money (roulette play online real money), using the most convenient currency - rubles, dollars or euros. Moreover, it is possible to make minimum bets, playing literally "on a dime".

Real money roulette game variations

Another advantage of playing in online casino - a huge number of suggested roulettes, many of which can not be found in real gambling establishments. In addition to traditional European, French and American, you can play, for example, Multiball Roulette. It uses several balls that are thrown simultaneously into the wheel. There is also a rapid roulette, roulette without zero, zoom roulette, etc. And for those who do not like to play alone and want to feel the spirit of competition, we suggest the Common Draw Roulette. In this roulette online play money you can play with other users in real time. A particularly popular form of the game - No Zero Roulette.

In most types of virtual roulette the wheel is divided into 37 sectors - red and black numbers from 1 to 36 and the green cell with zero (but often it can be omitted). Before you turn the wheel, you need to make bets. To do this, just select the chip value and a sector on the table. You can play roulette for real money online, making it outside and inside bets. The former include betting on red and black, odd and even numbers, and bet on a dozen numbers. These types of bets are considered to be less risky, but they are less likely to bring gamblers big wins. Inside bets are placed on one specific number or several at once. To win in this case is much more complicated, however, in case of success, you can count on a large income.

Having placed the chips on the table, you can start the game. To do this, use the buttons on the control panel. Basic ones - Spin, Rebet / Clear and Auto. Rebet repeats the previous bet, Clear - clears the game board of the already arranged chips, Spin launches the roulette wheel, and Auto launches automatic play mode. Moreover, in order to make money playing online roulette you can take advantage of additional features, which are present in the majority of virtual gambling. They help gamblers to analyze the situation and make a successful bet. Thanks to them, you can open the statistics window or payout table, to see which numbers come up more often or less often in the last few rounds, etc.

How to start playing roulette for money and win?

It is worth noting that anyone can win money playing roulette. To do this, you only need to register in the Betvoyager online virtual casino. This procedure takes only a few minutes, the user is guaranteed anonymity and security. A special application form must specify the username, password, and email address. After that, it is necessary to make a deposit by using the most convenient payment system. This can be by Visa or Master Card, Eco or Neteller, Webmoney or Skrill.

Virtual roulette is quite a profitable game. With experience, choosing the right game strategy and believing your luck, anyone can expect to win. We should not forget that the advantage of the online casino over the players is very small and amounts to an average of just 2.7%.