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Download Heads-up Baccarat

World's first online version of the classic "Baccarat" played heads-up in real-time. The game is played with four decks and only a 3% commission is taken from the banker's winnings. To play Heads-up Baccarat, you must download the application. The rules of the game can be found on the Heads-up Baccarat Rules page.


Windows 8 Users

  1. Standard security for Windows 8 prevents the BetVoyager Heads-up Baccarat from downloading onto PCs. When you attempt to download, 2 warning screens will appear. In order to download, you should press "Ok" on the first warning screen.
  2. On the second warning screen, press "Run Anyway". The download should then begin. To install the program, please see the instructions above.
  • Antivirus programs occasionally block harmless executable files. If this occurs, you will need to add an exclusion for the BetCruise files that you would like to download and execute. The location to add an exclusion depends on the antivirus program, but you will generally add the files in "Exclusions" or "Items to Exclude". Or you can find the downloaded file in a "Quarantine" section and restore the quarantined file. Then try executing the file again.
  • The Heads-up Baccarat is currently in Beta mode.
  • If the casino download doesn't begin automatically, please press the download link.