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Common Draw roulette game online

In recent years, online roulette is becoming increasingly popular, because you can play it at any time and in any place. However, many gamblers often miss the atmosphere of a real casino, the spirit of competition and live communication with other players. Especially for them, the well-known company BetSoft has created a new roulette variety called Common Draw, available at Betvoyager casino to play for money and free.

This game is a traditional European roulette with the classical rules. At the same time it has several advantages, thanks to which she won many fans among gamblers. Firstly, it is using in modern HD-graphics and great 3D-effects. They help gamblers feel like luxury casino visitors. Secondly, this Roulette provides a multiplayer mode, allowing you to play in real-time with multiple people. Moreover, they can communicate with each other through chat.

Common Draw roulette rules, odds and payouts

This online version of the game uses standard European Roulette rules. There is a wheel divided into 37 sectors - green cell with zero and the red and black numbers from 1 to 36. The goal of each participant is to guess which number the ball will land onto as a result of the rotation of a wheel, and make the appropriate bets, which will bring profit.

Gamblers can make outside and inside bets, using chips of various denominations (1, 5, 25, 100 or 500 credits). The minimum bet is 3 credits, and the maximum - 500 credits. The outside include betting on red and black, odd and even numbers, as well as the columns and dozens of numbers. The inside - bet on one, two, three, four or six specific numbers at the same time. All payments as a result of winning are calculated by standard ratios adopted in the European roulette.

In addition, Common Draw Roulette allows you to make the so-called oral bets. Although there is no special track for this, there is a Special Bet tab located in the lower left corner of the screen. There are thirty oral bets in this game - Orphelin Plein, Orphelin Cheval, Zero game, as well as several options for Finale Plein and Finale Cheval. They all cover certain groups of numbers, and are paid out according to the amount of numbers in the group.

How to play the Common Draw roulette

Having launched the Common Draw Roulette, the user automatically becomes a participant in the game, the names of the other gamblers can be seen in the chat box on the left. Each round lasts 35 seconds, 25 seconds of which is given to make the bet and 10 seconds - for rotation of the ball in the wheel and the determination of the winning number. Once a player places the chips on the table, he must press the Confirm button and confirm his choice. To cancel a bet, you can use the Clear button, and to double it - use the Double button.

This roulette has additional features that are designed to help the user to follow the progress of the game and develop a successful strategy. Thus, Statistic tab shows "cold" and "hot" numbers. This makes it possible to analyze how often black or red, odd or even numbers are winning and what numbers come up less often.

This Roulette is one of the best varieties of multiplayer online gambling. It allows you to experience the atmosphere of a real casino and chat with other players in real time. In addition, anyone can test it in free mode, and only then go to the game for money