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Vyskúšať naše špeciály No Zero Roulette, jediná ruleta na svete s naozaj rovnakými šancami počas hry.
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Vitajte na stránke výročné party!

Betvoyager online casino celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, and since you are here, be our welcomed guest at the Celebration!

K oslave sme pre vás pripravili špeciálne bonusy a turnaje!

10 free spins
Drop a Coin
100% on deposit
Drop a Coin
Three Chests
Drop a Coin
€10 bonus
Drop a Coin


Použite svoju zlatú mincu k získanie tohto bonusu a získajte 10 roztočení zadarmo v automate Pinocchio 3D.

100% Vklad

Použite svoju zlatú mincu k získanie tohto bonusu. Vložte na svoj účet peniaze a získajte 100% bonus k vkladu až do výšky 100 Euro!

Tri truhly

Použite svoju zlatú mincu a zahrajte si hru "Three chests" (tri debny), v ktorej nemôžete prehrať. Vo všetkých troch debnách je darček, ale iba niektorá z cien nižšie:

Roztočenia zdarma - 10, 50 - Pinocchio Slot
Bonus ke vkladu - 100%, 125%, 150%
Peniaze zadarmo - €5, €10, €15
Bonus bez nutnosti vkladu - €5, €10, €20
Propagačná hra - €5, €20, €50

10 Euro Bonus

Use your Golden Coin and get a 10 EUR no deposit bonus

Play and get Golden Coins to buy special bonuses and anniversary gifts! To get your gift, put a gold coin in the slot of the gift you prefer.

Terms and conditions for activating and using bonuses.
Rules for using a Promo Game.

Celebrate the 10th anniversary together with us!

10 years experience!

BetVoyager online casino opened in October 2007 starting with 20 games developed in-house.

Now BetVoyager has over 240 games, half of which are developed in-house and many have unique rules.

Created based on experiences from land casinos,the founder of BetVoyager set a goal to make the portal completely transparent and more attractive to players, and this goal was met!

From the moment of its creation, a lot of time and effort was invested in making a system where the player can control the fairness of the game – Randomness Control. As a result of constantly improving this system, a more simplified version was created – Fairness Control. Fairness Control allows a player to download a file that holds the randomly generated sequence ahead of time on to their computer. After the game is finished,the file can be opened showing that sequence and assuring the player that the sequence did not change during the game.

Of course information like the sequence of numbers in a roulette game, is attractive not only for players, but for hackers who want to find loopholes to open these files to get the sequence before the game starts.Unfortunately, for them, this only helps us strengthen and improve our Fairness Control.

At the same time, understanding the psychology of players, BetVoyager created a one-of-a-kind new business model for games that the world has never seen – Equal Odds Games.

Equal Odds Games do not have the traditional casino house edge as in other casinos, giving the player the best chance to win than anywhere else in the world!

In 2008, we were the first online casino to present No Zero Roulette, with no house edge! After 9 years and a lot of development, No Zero Roulette now has several versions, including the ability to play on mobile devices.

Roulette – This is the most popular casino game at BetVoyager, and as of this day, there are 20 different versions of this game – this is a record on its own.

In the past 10 years, BetVoyager has gone through fourinternal/external overhauls to improve and update the site with the most up-to-date technology available. Development of new services is an ongoing process that never stops. This allows us to give players different promotions, bonuses, tournaments, in which a total of €535,000 in prizes was given out!Moreover, lucky participants in our Lottery have won more than a total of 1 Million Euros in its lifetime!

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