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Gambling Guide

Terms and Conditions for Bonuses, Free Spins and Free Money

Bonuses, Free Money and Free Spins are given to players by the exclusive discretion of the casino the increase the playing time, and deposit amounts. These two factors can affect the size of the prize in the lottery, which in turn allows the player to get more enjoyment of the game, and increase their chances of a big win.

These rules are the standard terms and conditions for obtaining and using Bonuses, Free Spins and Free Money. Each promotion may have its own specific requirements for wagering Bonuses, Free Spins or Free Money. These requirements will be announced for each promotion on pages which are devoted to the promotion.

A player can only use one type of promotion (Bonuses, Free Spins or Free Money) from one account/IP address.

After agreeing to participate in the promotion, a player needs to fulfill all the required conditions to get Bonuses, Free Spins or Free Money.

When a player activates a promo code, they also agree to participate in the coinciding promotion.

All the rules for a promotion are applied at the moment the player accepts the terms and conditions.

The BetVoyager portal and its marketing department reserves the right to continue, modify or cancel any promotional offer at its discretion at any time and for any reason without prior warning.

Employees of BetVoyager, as well as their close relatives, employees of business partners or partnering advertising agencies, as well as any other agencies working on behalf of BetVoyager are forbidden from participating in any promotion.

The administration of the BetVoyager portal reserves the right to exclude or ban any player that abuses the rules of the promotion. The results from the games will be cancelled and all accrued bonuses, free spins, or Free Money will be forfeited.


Bonuses-these are funds credited to the player's gaming account as an incentive to increase the frequency and time of playing. Bonuses cannot be withdrawn until the wagering requirements are fulfilled.

Bonuses have a specific duration. After the end of the term, all bonuses are debited from the account.

The player's account is divided into three parts - Cash Balance, Free Money Balance and Bonus Balance. The total sum of the balances is shown in the casino lobby, the exact amount of Free Money and Bonus you may see on the My Promos page in the Private Room when logged in.

When the player has bonus funds, the player cannot transfer money on a game table, i.e. the Cashier button is disabled.

During the duration of the bonus promotion, a player cannot withdrawal money. To request a withdrawal, a player must cancel their participation in the bonus promotion. In this situation, all bonus funds will be debited from the player's account.

When money is transferred into a game before and during gameplay, the first funds that are used come from the Cash Balance, second Free Money, and then the Bonus balance.

During the bonuses' duration, all winnings in all casino games are credited to the bonus balance.

To transfer funds from the bonus balance to the cash balance, it is necessary to play the bonus amount (or deposit plus bonus amount) a certain number of times. The size depends on the type of wagering rules the bonus has. This information can be found on the bonus information page or in announcements of the promotion.

Example. If a player participates in a promotion with a bonus of 100 Euros that needs to be wagered 35 times, The player must make a bet of 100 x 35 = 3500 Euros. All bets, winning or losing count towards wagering.

Please note that different games have different rates that count towards wagering. The full list of games and their Stake Contribution is presented in the table below:

Stake Contribution for Wagering Requirement

Section Game Stake Contribution
Roulette Equal odds 250% from house fee
European Roulette, American Roulette, Roulette Express, Multiball Roulette 10%
Slots Equal odds 200% from house fee
Progressive slots 0%
Royal Reels, Treasure Room, Mad Scientist, Lucky 7, Triple Crown, Captain Cash, Mermaid's Pearl, 7th Heaven 20%
Other slots 50%
3D Slots Progressive slots 0%
Other slots 15%
Poker Equal odds 200% from house fee
Russian Poker, Caribean Advanced Poker, Imperial Poker 5%
Oasis Poker, 2+4 Poker 10%
Poker Switch 15%
BetVoyager Hold'em 20%
Casino Hold'em, 3 Card Poker 15%
Let It Ride 20%
Q Poker 15%
Video Poker Equal odds 200% from house fee
Five Draw Poker, All American Video Poker, Bonus Poker, Double Bonus Poker, Split Way Royal, Bonus Deuces, Deuces & Jokers Poker 50%
Jacks or Better, Tens or Better, Aces & Faces, Joker Poker, Double Joker, Deuces Wild 100%
BlackJack Equal odds 200% from house fee
Doublet Blackjack, Blackjack Switch 5%
American Blackjack 5%
European Blackjack 10%
Double Exposure Blackjack 5%
Diamond Blackjack 5%
Pontoon 5%
Other Games Equal odds 200% from house fee
Catch A Wave, Sic Bo 5%
Craps 10%
Stos 30%
Punto Banco 15%
3 Card Baccarat, Pai Gow, Baccarat, Top Card Trumps, Draw Hi-Lo, Red Dog 5%
?Redictor, Skratcherz, Virtual Racebook 3D 15%
Whill Of Fortune 30%
Keno (all of them) 30%
Casino War 30%
Pearl Pachinko 70%

Example. A bet of €1000 in European Blackjack will be calculated as €100 for wagering requirement.

If all wagering conditions for the bonus are met, then the entire bonus is transferred to the Cash balance. After this, the player can use the money at their discretion, for example make a withdrawal request or continue playing.

A player can terminate their participation in a bonus at anytime in the private room. In the event that a player terminates participation in the bonus, all funds from the Bonus balance will be removed.

At the end of the bonus duration, if the wagering requirements were not met, all Bonus funds will be debited from the account.

Deposit Bonus

To get a deposit bonus a player must agree to receive the bonus and make the appropriate deposit. Bonuses start from a minimum deposit of 10 Euros.

Unless otherwise specified, a player must verify their account using their mobile phone to get their bonus.

A deposit bonus will be transferred to the player's casino account within a few minutes after all conditions for wagering the bonus are met.

Unless otherwise specified in the conditions of a specific bonus, to transfer a deposit bonus into real money, the sum of the (deposit + bonus) must be wagered 35 times.

Time to fulfill wagering requirements is limited to 30 days.

No Deposit Bonus

To receive no deposit bonuses, a player does not have to make a deposit.

Unless specified otherwise, a player must fill in all fields of his profile, as well as verify his mobile phone.

The no deposit bonus will be transferred to the player's account within a few minutes after all conditions for wagering the bonus are met.

Unless specified otherwise in special bonus conditions, to transfer the no deposit bonus in real money, the bonus must be wagered 60 times.

The No Deposit bonus can be wagered within 5 days of receiving it in your account.If the wagering requrements are not met, then the bonus will be annulled.

Tournament bonus

A tournament bonus is something that a participant in the promo-tournaments gets when he takes one of the announced winning places. The promo code is given no more than 2 business days from the moment the tournament ends, and is available for up to 15 days from the moment you received the notice.

Unless specified otherwise in special bonus conditions, to transfer the tournament bonus into real money, the bonus must be wagered 55 times.

Time to fulfill the wagering requirements is limited to 15 days. If the wagering requirements are not met, then the bonus will be annulled. It is possible to activate multiple promo codes, but in this situation the bonuses are combined and the size of the wager increases accordingly.

Free Spins

Free Spins - a certain amount of free spins with a fixed betting amount on specific slots.

Free Spins have to be used in a specific amount of time. If there are no other limits, then the standard duration of Free Spins is 1 month. After a month, the Free Spins will expire.

If there are no other restrictions, then Free Spins may be used in all 3D slots, as well as Glam Life, Royal Reels, Treasure Room, Mad Scientist, The Ghouls, Lucky Seven, Triple Crown, Captaine Cash, Mermaids Pearl, Diamond Progressive, Jackpot Jamba and 7th Heaven.

Free Spins may be limited to certain games, which will be specified on the pages of the specific promotions or in personal messages.

If the promotion terms for Free Spins says that they can be used in multiple games, then the spins can be divided among those games in any way the player wants.

Example: A player is given 10 Free Spins for Rose, Tycoons and Boomanji. The player may use 3 spins in Boomanji, 6 in Gypsy Rose and 1 on Tycoons.

All money that is won by using Free Spins is deposited in the Bonus balance. Unless specified otherwise in special conditions, to transfer the bonus funds to real money, it must be wagered 60 times within 5 days of receipt.

Winnings from free spins is limited to 100 Euros.

The player can find out the current balance of Free Spins by clicking here

Free Money

Free Money is an amount of money that the casino adds on top of the money that a player has deposited. Free Money can only be used in casino games. Free Money is given to players at the casino's discretion or during a special offer/promotion that the casino is holding.

Playing with Free Money

  1. Free Money can be used to play any game at the casino, but it cannot be used at other projects in the BetVoyager portal besides the casino.
  2. Free Money cannot be converted into real money and can only be spent in games at the casino. Winnings can be withdrawn at any time.
  3. Free Money will be used for bets only once the player's other funds have been exhausted.
  4. Free Money is recalculated whenever the player deposits additional funds into his account. Please see the example below for a clarification of how this system works.
  5. The player can find out the current balance of Free Money by clicking here.

Please Note

  1. Free Money that a player receives is only good for making bets, and cannot be removed from the playing account.
  2. Any decisions connected with Free Money promotions are at the exclusive discretion of BetVoyager. BetVoyager Casino retains the right to change, amend or discontinue any special offers at any point for any reason without prior warning.
  3. If a player violates the above rules, the administration of BetVoyager retains the right to nullify the results of any games and take away the Free Money.


The player has deposited €80 and received an additional deposit of €50 Free Money, giving him a total of €130 in his account.

Version 1. All winnings by the player from this sum can be removed from his account, except for €50 of Free Money.

Version 2. If the player loses €100, then he would have €30 remaining of Free Money. In order to win money that can be withdrawn, the player must first win €20. However, if the player makes another deposit via any available payment system, the Free Money will be recalculated (paragraph 4 in “Playing with Free Money”). After the deposit, the Free Money amount will be €30 and any winnings above this sum can be withdrawn.