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European roulette game tips, tricks and cheats

Perhaps it is no secret that European Roulette is on the top of the most popular games in casinos, both land-based and online. Many consider it to be nothing more than a quick entertainment, however, European Roulette is still a game of chance and involves money bets. BetVoyager casino professionals have prepared some European roulette tips for their clients, which will help them to manage their bankroll more reasonably and expect better game results.

European roulette bankroll management

All of the most important European roulette tips and tricks are intended to preserve the player's budget at its highest level. So the first rule is about this. Before the start of each game set a specific sum of money, after reaching which you will be ready to end the game session. This applies to both the winning amount and the amount of loss. It is difficult to give advice on specific amounts in this case, because someone can spend all night playing with 19 dollars, whereas another one prefers to bet 50 dollars at each round. It is important to choose an amount which you yourself are comfortable with.

Is it not recommended to place bets on a single number - the odds of winning here are way too small. Some people like to choose their "lucky number" - birthday, wedding, birth of children etc. and bet on it. In this case, for those who like to take risks, it is recommended to split the bankroll 25% and 75%. Use the first one to make these risky intuitive bets, and the rest of the money for safer outside bets.

It is also important not to include in the received game winnings for subsequent bets on this day. If you have had big luck on your side, it is better you set that amount aside, and do not even try to take money out of it to increase the current gain. The money gained should be withdrawn or planned for another day’s game budget.

Tips for European roulette playing

  • We recommend you to start the game with equal chances bets. Yes, they have the lowest payouts, but at the same time the greatest chances of winning.
  • If you want to try some new European roulette tricks and strategies, start with the free version, and if the theory works, then you can move on to the real game.
  • Do not be deceived by the fact that knowing some special European roulette cheats you will be able to guess the next number. Even if you have already had 15 consecutive black numbers on the wheel, it does not necessary mean that the next one will be red.
  • Do not play under alcohol influence, it will not let you have sober assessment of the situation and to finish the game if necessary.

Of course, no online casino European roulette trick can give a 100% guarantee of success, this is the reason why roulette is a game of chance, as it is ruled by blind chance. However, the recommendations presented above will help if not to win, then at least to extend the gaming session and to increase your chances of success.