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Try our special No Zero Roulette, the only roulette in the world with real equal odds during gameplay.
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Is it possible to register two or more accounts?

No, you can register only one account to use at casino.

What happens if there is a break in the connection during a game?

In roulette and on the Wheel of Fortune, the spin will be completed if the server has already received your bets. If bets are not received at the time the break in the connection occurs, then all bets are returned to the player and the spin is annulled. Bets are transferred to the casino’s server the moment the player presses the Spin button.

The same is true in slots play, the transfer of bets to the casino server happens at the moment the reels start spinning. If the connection is broken during a bonus or doubling game, the player’s current game situation is retained on the casino server. When the game is renewed, it automatically restores the original display that existed prior to the disconnection.

In our card games, the server receives original bets the moment you press the Deal button. Additional bets can be made in the course of a game and they are entered with the help of corresponding buttons. If a break in the connection occurs during the deal, player’s current game situation will be retained and then automatically restored when the connection is back up.

How can I refresh pages of the site?

If you have any difficulties with the refreshment of pages on our site, press CTRL+F5 to make a forced refreshment of the page.

I ran out of funds during a game. Can I top up my account to continue the current game session?

In BetVoyager's own games you can deposit funds at any given time right from the game.

What happens when I have transmitted funds to the casino, but they have not yet reached my account. When will they be added to the account?

Money is deposited into your account as soon as we receive an endorsement from the payment system. Normally, this operation takes no more than 1-5 minutes. However, delays can be caused for various reasons. If your deposit is not posted within 15 minutes, please contact customer support.

Is there a difference in the algorithms when playing in demo mode and with real money?

The algorithms are identical in both instances. However, players often behave differently when playing in demo mode and with real money.

What should I do if the roulette wheel spins and doesn’t stop?

This generally happens when there is some trouble with synchronization with the server during a spin. It could happen because of a bad connection, failure of your PC, problems with Flash, or other issues. The result is that either the request or the answer to a request didn’t come through, and the wheel keeps spinning. Since the winning number is identified at the moment the bet is received (by pressing the Spin button), the bet is considered to be played. In order to solve the problem, simply close the game and reenter it.

How can I contact BetVoyager Casino’s support?

You can send us a message using a special form in the Feedback section, or send a letter using our internal mail, or contact our help line (599-9) 734-1248 where an operator is ready to answer any questions.

I have activated a deposit bonus promo code, but I received a different bonus after making a deposit. Why?

Perhaps you have activated several deposit bonus promo codes. In this case, bonuses are credited in chronological order.

Can I play games from a mobile device?

Yes, you can visit our website from your mobile browser or download the app to your mobile device by following this link.

I would like to download my favorite games to my PC and play them without having to open the website. Is this possible?

Yes, you can download the casino onto your PC or Mac. The games from the app load faster. Follow this download link.