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Fair Play

Randomness Control

Our Randomness Control system allows players to confirm the randomness of the game’s results.

This kind of control allows players to confirm the randomness of numbers the ball lands on in roulette and the random order of cards dealt at the table. When playing slots, the player can check the randomness of where the reels stop. Randomness control is connected to all games, functioning in our casino.

Our control system has its own specific features for each game, but there is a common thread: the use of the SHA-256 algorithm (Secure Hash Algorithm family). The basis of the method is that the player receives the checksum of the sequence that he is going to play before he begins the play (in roulette he gets the numbers that the ball lands on, and in card-based games, he gets the deck). The checksum is computed with the help of the SHA-256 algorithm that consists of 64 symbol codes (256 Bits), for example:


The checksum for each sequence is unique. It is virtually impossible to find two sequences with identical checksums. Therefore, the SHA-256 algorithm is generally applied for the confirmation of the authenticity of information and for forming digital signatures.

As soon as the game is finished, the player will have access to all the elements of the earlier formed sequence. First of all, he can check whether the game was held according to the plan indicated in the sequence. Next, he computes the total sum of sequence on the basis of the SHA-256. If this sum is identical to the one received before he began play, he can confirm that the elements’ sequence which had been formed prior to the beginning of the game was in fact the one used in the game.

The checksum is being computed with the help of the program used in our casino. Players can use other programs to compute the checksum for text information according to the SHA-256 algorithm. Players can find such programs on the following websites:

The SHA-256 is merely one of numerous algorithms that can be used to compute a checksum. We have chosen it to ensure randomness control in our casino because no modern sources of information have ever uncovered any insecurities or incorrectness connected with this algorithm.

A brief description of the SHA-256 algorithm can be found here.

The official NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) site for the Secure Hash Standard can be found here.

The current version of the Secure Hash Standard (including SHA-256), 1 August 2002 (amended 25 February 2004) can be found here.

Fairness Control

Fairness Control - this is a simplified version of our Randomness control

Before beginning each game a player may download a ZIP archive. Inside the archive there is a file which holds the sequence of numbers that the ball will fall on, if it is roulette, sequences of cards appearing on the table, etc., depending on the game. Specific explanations of the data records for Slots, Card games, Video Poker, Craps, Sic Bo, Keno, and Pachinko can be found on their individual pages.

This way, the player is informed in advance about the upcoming game, and can ensure that during the game, the casino does not change the generated sequence of numbers the ball falls on during roulette, or the sequence of cards, etc., depending on the game.

The archive can be opened with a password that is provided to the player after the game is finished.

The password for the archive coincides with the server control word, which is used in Randomness control.

Fairness control exists alongside with Randomness control, so the player can check the results and use of both methods.

Details on how to use the fairness control can be found here.