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Multiball roulette game online

Multiball roulette is an extremely popular version of the online version of the game - due to the presence of several balls at gameplay, it is difficult to replicate this in real life, so usually it is found in online casinos, and not in the land based establishments. Double ball roulette is present in many major gambling clubs and Betvoyager is no exception. The popularity of this game is due to somewhat unusual rules comparing with the classic roulette. The game rules allow to launch not a single ball on the wheel, but two to three. This increases the player's interest in the process and makes the game more exciting.

This roulette uses European roulette rules. In accordance with them the player can make inside and outside bets, both types are accepted. A special feature in this roulette is the ability to make an oral bet in an additional track on the table, designated a special inscription. Neighbor bets are also accepted on the table. A wide range of bets in this game is designed to make the process more fun

Multiball roulette game description

At the beginning of the game choose the number of balls for the game: 1 to 3. All of them will be on a common drum. The player makes a bet by selecting pre-denominated coins with value from 0.01 to 100 credits. Arranging chips on the field is done with the mouse, to launch the wheel - click on the appropriate button.

After launching a few balls the winning numbers are determined. According to the rules of the game the same number cannot come up more than once during the time of the spin. If one or more user bets were winning, payout is made.

Multiple balls Roulette rules do not provide for bonus payments and bonus rounds, and there is no progressive jackpot

Two ball roulette is difficult for some players to get used to. For convenience, the interface contains special features to simplify the process of the game and make it less boring when you have to repeat certain actions, or to wait for certain events:

  • "Accelerate" - allows you to skip the wheel rotation animation and go directly to the result. After pressing the button, results are calculated based on the RNG algorithm. This feature is useful for professional players.
  • "Repeat" - recreates the layout of the last round. It is useful if a player places a bet on a complex scheme, which is difficult to repeat from memory.
  • "Delete" - cleans the virtual table of all bets that were made during the game.
  • "Start" - start the wheel. If the bets are placed, the button becomes available.

The interface allows for fast games with the maximum concentration on the bets results, without the distraction of spinning the wheel and spending of time for placing complex bet schemes.

Multiball roulette free is suitable for professional players and beginners: the developers provided a "for fun" mode when the player is enjoying the rotation of the wheel, and passionately places new bet schemes, and "the result" mode, when a hardened pro comes to Betvoyager several times a day for the next big win and beautiful animation of the wheel does not interest him anymore.