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Casino Free Money

Casino free money is a sum of money that the house adds to a playing account in addition to the sum deposited. Casino free money can only be used in casino games. Casino free money is given to certain players according to a decision by the casino administration, or while the casino is conducting special offers in addition to casino free money.

Playing with casino free money

  1. Casino free money can be used to play any game at the casino, but it cannot be used at other projects in the BetCruise portal besides the casino.
  2. Casino free money cannot be converted into real money and can only be spent in game play at the casino. Winnings can be withdrawn at any time.
  3. Casino free money will be used for bets only once the player’s other funds have been exhausted.
  4. Casino free money is recalculated whenever the player deposits additional funds into his account. Please see the example below for a clarification of how this principle works.
  5. The player can find out the current balance of casino free money by clicking here.

Please Note

  1. Casino free money that a player receives is only good for making bets, and cannot be removed from the playing account.
  2. Any decisions connected with casino free money promotions are the exclusive province of BetVoyager. BetVoyager Casino retains the right to change, amend or discontinue any special offers at any point for any reason without advance warning.
  3. If a player violates the above rules, the administration of BetCruise retains the right to nullify the results of any games and cancel the casino free money.


The player has deposited €80 and received additional casino free money of €50, giving him a total of €130 in his account.

Version 1. All winnings by the player from this sum can be removed from his account, except for €50 of casino free money.

Version 2. If the player loses €100, then he would have €30 remaining of casino free money. In order to win money that can be withdrawn, the player must first win €20. However, if the player makes another deposit via any available payment system, casino free money will be recalculated (paragraph 4 in “Playing with casino free money”). After the deposit, casino free money will be €30 and any winnings above this sum can be withdrawn.