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Try our special No Zero Roulette, the only roulette in the world with real equal odds during gameplay.
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Refer a Friend

The "Refer a Friend" program - This is an easy way to earn real money by inviting Friends to our site. Inviting a Friend is easy, all you need to do is type in his e-mail in the form below and invite him to register on our site. When your Friend registers on our any of our sites, types in his email that you have typed in the form, makes a deposit and starts playing on the portal, you will receive a profit.

Player - Player who invites Friends, and uses a special interface
Friend - Player who was invited by another Player

To participate in the promo, a Player must:

  • Make at least 1 deposit;
  • Activate their telephone;
  • Using the form below, enter the email of his Friends that would like to play on the BetVoyager portal's sites;
  • Invite a Friends.

Terms for receiving Player Revenue Share

House Fee

Since BetVoyager offers Rake Free poker, a limited commission on the betting exchange, and Equal Odds casino games, BetVoyager charges a house fee from a Player's net winnings.

If a Player plays on equal odds casino games, a 10% house fee will be taken from the Player's net winnings at the end of the game session or upon a withdrawal of net winnings from the table through the cashier.

If a Player plays in the poker room, a 10% house fee will be taken upon a withdrawal of net winnings from the playing table. The betting exchange deducts a 2% house fee from each winning bet where an offer was accepted.

A Player will split these amounts evenly with the house. The Player taking part in the promotion will receive 50% revenue share from the house fee that BetVoyager charges the Friend. This way, the more the Friend wins, the more that the Player will earn. Besides this, from every winning casino bet in standard games (Not Equal Odds) the Player will receive 1% from the bet.

The affiliates will receive their share of earnings for every Player brought to BetVoyager for the duration of 5 years.

BetVoyager makes sure that all payments are processed within a short period of time. Additionally, Players are given a wide range of payment systems to choose from. The earnings are transferred to the playing account, from which the Player can withdraw his money to the payment system of his choice, in accordance with payment rules regarding money withdrawals.

Gambling Platforms Revenue Share
BetVoyager standard games 1% for every winning bet
BetVoyager Equal odds games 50% from house fee
BetRaiser poker 50% from house fee

Terms and conditions

  • Only Players who activated their phones may invite Friends.
  • Players may only invite Friends that they are personally acquainted with, and are prohibited from spamming and using other forms of mass communication to attract Friends.
  • A Player can invite up to 10 Friends.
  • A Player receives a profit from his Friend for 5 years from the moment the Friend registers.
  • 1% from the result is given to the Player, if his Friend made at least 1 deposit.
  • Profit from a Player will be given only after the Friend makes at least one deposit.
  • Friends that receive an invitation should be real people.
  • A Friend may not have an account in another name or an existing account.
  • The Friend also can invite 10 of his Friends.
  • Friends should register on the BetVoyager portal using email address that the Player entered.
  • Management reserves the right to exclude any Player or Friend from the promotion without giving a reason.
  • Management reserves the right to amend or cancel this promotion at any time without further explanation.