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Labouchere betting system for roulette

Labouchere system is a roulette game method that uses a mathematical progression. It is based on linking bets with a series of numbers that describe the desired amount of gain. The strategy works for betting with odds of winning of 1: 1.

Description of the gameplay

In order to start playing by Labouchere system, it is necessary to determine the number of chips you want to get at winning. This should be done taking into account the current bankroll, of course. Then we write the sequence of numbers, selected in such a way so that their sum is equal to the desired gain. Every time to define the first bet, you have to add the first and last number in the sequence.

  • If the bet wins, you need to cross out the numbers that it is comprised of
  • If the bet loses, you need to write dow the number at the end of the sequence.

Having dealt with these calculations, you will realize that Labouchere roulette system is very easy to use.

The first step is to determine the amount of the desired gain. Let it be 15 chips. Next, we make a sequence of numbers the sum of which is equal to 15. The following combination works: 2, 5, 1, 3, 4. You can write down the numbers in any order, as long as their sum is clearly equal to 15.

The first bet in this sequence will be 6 chips. It is done by simply adding the first and the last recorded number. Place a bet, for example, on red. You lose, because the ball has stopped on black. Following the instructions above, we write down number 6 at the end of the sequence.

Place a bet again, this time 8 chips. Again, this is simple arithmetic: 2 + 6 = 8. We choose red again... but yet again it does not come up. By analogy with the previous time add number 8 to the end of the sequence.

The third bet will be 10 chips on red. This time you are lucky, and you have won. Now we must cross out the first and last sequence numbers. We place the new bet the same way as before. Looking at the remaining numbers of 5, 1, 3, 4, 6, we need to add the numbers 5 and 6. Therefore, the amount of the bet is 11 chips.

Strategy variations - the reverse labouchere roulette system

Sometimes you may come across the reverse Labouchere roulette system at a casino. Its principle lies in writing down all the wins in a single row. The side numbers are crossed out in case of loss. This approach displays the amount that the player can lose, given the available bankroll.

The strategy is used in different ways, often reducing the bet as soon as the amount increases by too much. You can also determine the maximum bet size at the beginning and play without exceeding it.

Labouchere roulette strategy has its positive and negative sides. In order to remain in positive territory, you need a minimum bet success rate of 33 percent.

Of course, bets like red / black provide a chance to win about 48%. But even here there are some nuances: a long period of losses may lead to the point where the bet exceeds the available bankroll.

It is possible to apply the Labouchere system effectively in practice, but there is always a chance that a series of losses will be too long. We cannot say that the strategy gives a certain advantage over the casino, but it has passed the test of time and is used by many players.