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Keno is an ancient Chinese lottery game. Thanks to its straightforwardness, it is popular throughout the world.

At BetVoyager, Keno features two different payout schemes: the conventional one and a duplicate with no house edge.

Basic Rules

The playing field is a lottery ticket with the numbers 1 thru 80. Each ticket costs between 1 and 5 Euros.

Before the start of the game, the player must make between one and 15 marks to pick the numbers that he believes will be the winning ones.

There are 80 balls in the game, numbered from 1 to 80. 20 balls are drawn randomly. If the number of a ball corresponds with a number selected on the ticket, it is a winning number. Winning numbers are called hits. The more hits a player gets, the better his chances of winning.

Payouts are determined according to the table that is posted to the left of the playing field. Winnings are directly proportional to the cost of the ticket. Furthermore, the payout depends on the number of marks made. For example, if the player picked five numbers, in order to win the player needs at least two hits. If the player picked 15 numbers, then he needs at least 6 hits to win.

Additional Information

In order to make a bet, the player must select the price of the ticket. At the beginning of a playing session, the default bet is 1 euro. To change the price, he can use the "—", "+" buttons next to the Bet indicator in the lower panel.

In order to pick a number on the lottery ticket, the player simply clicks on it. To remove a selected number, he can click on it again. To remove all selected numbers on the ticket, he can press the "Clear" button.

The "Quick Pick" button can be used to speed up the game. With this button, 15 random numbers will be picked on the ticket.

To start the game, press the "Play" button.

If the player wants to play several rounds in a row and use the same numbers on the ticket, he should click the "AUTO" button to start autoplay.

If the player moves the cursor over this button, he will see a counter appear above it that displays the number of rounds that will be made during autoplay. At the beginning of a game session, this number is equal to the maximum possible value — 1000, but it can be changed with the switches on the counter. Autoplay starts as soon as the "AUTO" button is clicked. The manual mode is restored by pressing the "AUTO" button once more.

To the right of the playing field are the Hits and Round indicators. During the game, the former displays the number of hits in the current round. The latter shows the number of the current round from the series of rounds played in a row. This feature is useful for players using autoplay.

The maximum payout for a single round is limited to €20,000.