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Betvoyager's Mobile Dice

Wikipedia: "Dice have been used throughout Asia since before recorded history; the oldest known dice were excavated as part of a 5000-year-old backgammon set at the Burnt City, an archeological site in south-eastern Iran." "Gambling with two or three dice was a very popular form of amusement in Greece, especially with the upper classes, and an invariable accompaniment to symposia."

Mobile Dice - This game is played with two differently colored dice which show results of throws, which take in account the score on each die. To throw the dice, all you have to do is shake your smartphone.

The game has 6 windows with dice, with fields for bets, a table, statistics, control, information and user buttons.

Mobile Dice - This game is played with two different colored die which show results of throws, which take in account the score on each die. To throw the dice, all you have to do is shake your smartphone. The game has 6 windows with dice, with fields for bets, a table, statistics, control, information and user buttons.

Dice - window for dice, balance, throw results with a table that shows previous results. 6 buttons:

  • Rules - Takes you to the rules of Mobile Dice site.
  • Cashier - transfer money by depositing into the casino.
  • Pause/Play - temporary pause or continuation of games.
  • Settings - options and effects, auto-saves for future sessions.
  • History - site with a history of bets and results from the current game session.
  • Exit - to end the game, close the site, and return money into the account.

Layout - a field with margins, on which players can make a bet, put down chips, and guess that these points will come up during the throw. The numbers reflect the amount bet, result of the game, and balance of money on the player's account.

Row of 14 chips with denominations from 5 cents to 1000 Euro. 6 buttons:

  • Cancel - cancel previous actions before chips are placed.
  • Custom - transfers player to the Custom Bets window for naming, saving, and activating bets.
  • Bets - places a bet on the layout (saved and activated).
  • Auto - turns on and off automatic repetition of the game with the previous bets that were placed.
  • Rebet - repeat last bet; each subsequent click increases the bet by the sum of the original wager.
  • Roll - throws the dice after the bets are made.

Statistics - the field with points and numbers of statistics from the previous game shows: Rating of 12 faces of 2 dice by the probability of their appearance; number of outcomes since the game began; percent chance that the dice will show a specific outcome from all outcomes,. A player may choose what he will see in the window: row of chips, sum and result of the last bet or statistics from the whole game.

Payouts - the place and name of bets, table of payouts and betting limits.

Randomness control - checks randomness of outcomes of the dice with the help of the SHA-256 algorithm.

Fairness control - checks the fairness with the help of archived coded information, for which a key is given after a series of throws.

Custom bets - for fast chip placement, a player may place chips and save 16 different types of bets.

A player may make bets on different combinations and receive the following payouts:

  • Straight up 5:1 - exact points for one chosen die result.
  • Split 2:1 - one of two variants of points for one chosen die.
  • Street 2.2:1 - exact points for either die.
  • Four-line 8:1 - one of two variants of points shown immediately on two dice.
  • Double 35:1 - one of six chosen doubles.
  • Two double 17:1 - two chosen doubles.
  • Any double 5:1 - any of six doubles.
  • Low, Middle, High 0.8:1 - one of two variants of points on either die.
  • Odd or Even 1:1 - odd or even sum of points.
  • Range 1.4:1 - chosen range of a sum of points.
  • Seven up 5:1 - sum of 7 points with two dice.

To play the game, a player puts chips on chosen areas on the layout and clicks the roll button or shakes his phone.

There are different effects and options for the game, and these options can be saved on the settings page.

A Player can:

  • Change the symbol of points on the dice
  • Change the color of the dice
  • Adjust the throw duration
  • Turn on the automatic switch from the first to second window, and vice versa
  • Turn the sound on and off