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Как запустить флеш игры

Привычные браузеры, такие как Google Chrome, Firefox и т. д. больше не поддерживают Flash player, поэтому для запуска Flash-игр необходим специальный браузер. Скачайте соответствующий браузер и наслаждайтесь любимыми играми.

Flash Browser


For Windows x32 For Windows x64


Скачайте файл в соответствии с разрядностью вашей Windows. Установите его и просто запустите, чтобы начать наслаждаться флеш-играми.

Maxthon 5


For Windows Portable version for Windows For macOS


1. При первом запуске браузер предложит зарегистрироваться, этот шаг можно пропустить. 2. Запустите любую флеш-игру и установите флэш-плагин при первом запуске. 3. Перезапустите браузер и наслаждайтесь игрой.



For Windows Portable version for Windows



1. Зайдите в настройки браузера. 2. В разделе «Просмотр» включите переключатель «Разрешить запуск устаревших плагинов». 3. Наслаждайтесь играми.


Решение возможных проблем

What to do if the games do not start:

  1. Если на вашем компьютере все еще установлен Flash Player, который не позволяет запускать игры, рекомендуем удалить его с помощью этой официальной утилиты от Adobe. Просто запустите утилиту, и она удалит Flash Player с вашего компьютера.
  2. Если игры не запускаются в Centbrowser, а переключатель в настройках "Разрешить запуск устаревших плагинов" включен, то выключите его и включите снова.


Play Online Casino Poker today!

Betvoyager invite you to play one of the most popular casino games in the world, a card game that seamlessly translates in to an online form – Poker!  Our range of casino poker games give you the chance to experience the different variations of the game that you enjoy playing. There’s a game for all kinds of players, so whatever your gaming habits, we’ve got you covered! Either choose to play to win money, or try free poker online to get you used to the rules before you bet for cash. One thing’s for certain is that you’ll be entertained and of course, our online games will help you boost your finances too. Lets take a look at the games available:

Imperial Poker

One of the best casino card games out there, Imperial Poker builds anticipation before the cards are even dealt! Choosing a boxand adding a bonus betthe player gives themselves options to maximise their winnings. An Imperial Flush(6 cards of the same suit are received, from 9 to Ace), is the top hand you can get winnings for this are restricted to 20,000 euros. Offering the best odds in casino poker online, this is one of our most unique poker games which is sure to capture your interests.

Russian Poker

Russian Poker online is a captivating, interesting version that will test you to the limits. Betvoyager gives you the opportunity to exchange multiple cards, maximising your chances to earn big cash. Russian Poker online is fun with Betvoyager, and best of all, you can try out the game via our free demo so that you can become accustomed to the rules and become a Russian Poker pro.

6 Card Poker

When you play six card poker with Betvoyager, you can exchange either 1, 2 or 5 cards; or a 6th card can be purchased. The player can bet both on the box they are choosing, or a bonus bet where a prediction is made that a strong held has been dealt. Bonus bets, when combined with a Royal Flushpay back at odds of 1000:1! Big winnings are possible when you play 6-card poker and it is one of many unique casino games bought to you by Betvoyager.

Three card poker

Just three cards are dealt when you play this version of 3 card poker online. A pair plusbet is when you gamble on there being a pair within the hand you have been dealt. Pair plus bets can return odds of 40:1 if you receive a straight flush, maximising the potential of your winning. Take a few risks and play 3 card poker today!

Q Poker

Another 3-card poker online game, Q-poker also allows you to maximise your earnings with a paired bet’ – gambling on the cards you have been dealt. Unlike the three-card version, when the cards are dealt, they are immediately turned over so that you can view what you have been given (the paired bet takes place prior to dealing). Q Poker is another one of our unique poker games that gets hearts racing and blood pumping! With odds of up to 40:1 on a pair plus bet, this game is not for the faint-hearted

Caribbean advanced poker

This game has similar rules to Caribbean stud poker, but with the advanced version there is one significant difference: the dealer reveals not just one card, but two! This gives you the advantage when you are dealt your five cards being able to view two of the dealers puts you in the driving seat. You can then make a decision by folding or continuing. The option of a bonus bet returns to Caribbean advanced poker, and this gives you potential odds of up to 1000:1 with a royal flush. A winning hand could prompt a holiday to the games namesake?!

 Betvoyager Holdem and Casino Hold’em

 Our two Hold’em’ games bring the excitement of casino poker (specifically casino holdem poker) right to your front door! If you know how to play casino hold em already (you may even have a casino holdem strategy?) then we suggest you attempt our Betvoyager holdem, which follows the same rules, but whereas casino holdem pays out (predominantly) multiple the size of the ANTE, Betvoyager rules depend on the bet which is TWICE the size of the ANTE. Much higher payouts are possible with the Betvoyager version!

 Poker switch

Poker switch is a table game designed for the Betvoyager customer. Playing it almost feels like cheating as you have the option of switching the last cards dealt to your two hands. So, if you are one card short of glory but your other hand has the card you desperately need simply switch and you maximise your chances of winning! When you gamble on a bonus bet (and believe me, you will be tempted!!) odds of up to 1000:1 are possible.

Oasis poker

This game is against the dealer, and often involves multiple players at once. Fold, carry on, or pay to exchange a card, and you are given great odds on beating the dealer at his own game. Casino poker has never been more fun than with Oasis poker and with potential odds of up to 100:1 on a royal flush, you can bring home the bacon in style!

 Let it ride

 Similar to video poker, Let It Ride is a fun game, where the dealer does not receive any cards of their own. Payouts start at a pair of tens, and the objective is to get the best hand possible with the 5 cards you are dealt. A royal flush pays at an ANTE bet of 200:1 or a bonus bet of 1000:1.

2+4 poker

If you are looking for a real challenge, 2 + 4 poker will test you to the limits! The dealer selects his best hand from 6 cards, 2 of which are faced down and the other 4 face up. In response, you have the option of purchasing a 6th card.  Once more, a bonus bet can raise odds to 1000:1. Generous potential payouts are always welcomed by our customers!

 Betvoyager gives you the option of betting in games with NO HOUSE EDGE! This maximises your odds when playing as the average bet profit received by Betvoyager diminishes. If you are still having reservations, and want some extra practice learning the rules and situations that occur, why not play our poker games free in demo mode first?