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How to launch Flash games

Due to a technical malfunction with the RNG, all flash games are temporarily disabled. Flash games will be available again soon.

Familiar browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. no longer support the Flash player, so a special browser is required to launch Flash games. Download the appropriate browser and enjoy your favorite games.

Maxthon 5


For Windows Portable version for Windows For macOS


1. When you first launch the browser, it will prompt you to register, you can skip this step. 2. Launch any Flash game and install the flash plugin the first time you run it. 3. Restart your browser and enjoy the games.



For Windows Portable version for Windows



1. Go to browser Settings. 2. In the Browsing section, set the "Allow to run outdated plugins" switch to on. 3. Enjoy the games.


Solving possible problems

What to do if the games do not start:

  1. If you still have Flash Player installed on your computer, which does not allow you to launch games, we recommend that you remove it using this official utility from Adobe. Just run the utility and it will uninstall Flash Player on your computer.
  2. If the games do not launch in Centbrowser, and the switch in the "Allow to run outdated plugins" settings is enabled, then turn it off and on again.


Wheel of Fortune Mobile

Betvoyager’s range of games extends beyond the traditional casino varieties (e.g. poker and roulette), as well as the slot machines that also appear in arcade centres and casinos. Our ‘other’ section is dedicated to games that our punters love to play when they are after something a little different. As with the casino slot machines for fun, the ‘other’ section provides a catalogue of games that can be played for ‘fun money’ enabling you to simply enjoy playing without having to spend cash.  Many online casinos will provide the standard casino games, however there are times when punters want a break from the norm, and just to chill out with something a little different. This is where the range of ‘other’ games from Betvoyager works. If you are tired thinking about a game of poker you have just had – or just want to try something different – watching a horse race (such as the ones you can view on the ‘virtual racebook’) helps you to relax, and still gives you the opportunity to win big money if you wish. Betting on the horses is one of the most popular forms of gambling, and the virtual racebook allows you to do this at your convenience, without having to wait for a race to take place.  Other fun games that can be played in the ‘other’ section, include ‘predictor’ and the ‘wheel of fortune’ games that provide an easy betting experience, without having to learn many rules. The ‘predictor’ gives you the opportunity to win by predicting the next coloured cart to come along. The ‘wheel of fortune’ on the other hand, allows you to bet on a number before spinning the wheel and seeing where it lands! With Betvoyager, users get complete control over their gaming experience, and – when betting on games such as the wheel of fortune – they are able to independently verify results themselves which demonstrates Betvoyager’s values in terms of transparency. Everything that we do is based on the experience of the customer, which is why we have become known as a safe, fair, trustworthy company to bet with. Utilising the best in software and technology, we use the SHA-256 algorithm which gives players a 100% guarantee on every game that is offered – a guarantee which states that players can audit each game that they play. Some of the games that can be found in the ‘other’ section are played ‘without house edge’ which means that Betvoyager are not making money from the bets placed. This helps punters earn even more money from their bets, and enjoy the experience of doing so. When you want something different from the standard free casino slots, or the 3d slot machine model, the ‘other’ section allows you to have fun whilst still winning money, playing something else. Not everyone is suited to the traditional casino games, but this does not mean that they need to be exempt from the opportunity to win money. Play via Betvoyager today to enhance your gaming experience, and attempt to win cash if you desire.