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Play online roulette on Windows Phone and Windows Mobile

Many users of mobile devices based on Windows Phone and Windows Mobile are faced with the problem of games installation, especially games of chance. However, Betvoyager casino takes care of its guests and offers free and paid versions of the popular Roulette Windows Phone of game. It can be run on any modern mobile phone, which has this operating system thus providing more opportunities for gambling leisure time.

Play roulette for free on Windows mobile gadgets

Top makers, taking care of the players, optimized all kinds of roulette available in mobile casino for touchscreen devices. To try playing, simply select the European, French or American roulette in Betvoyager casino directory and select the Demo mode.

There is no need to install additional software or to download any extra applications, which can contain viruses. It takes a minute to download any game to your phone or tablet, then you can place bets using virtual coins. Bet sizes, rules of the game, winning limits in this case remain the same as in the classic roulette, and the game is not limited in time.

Many online places require registration of new users. At Betvoyager to play for free there is no need to register or make any financial contributions. Whether it will be a demo windows mobile roulette, for the PC and the tablet or the version for Windows Phone, designed for mobile phones, this rule remains unchanged. Load the game and place bets with demo credits, without affecting your finances.

How to start playing for money

In order for the game to bring real income, you need to fulfill a few simple conditions:

  • To go through an instant registration at Betvoyager casino. This can be done in just a few minutes directly from your device. Fill out the e-card and leave a mobile number for feedback, after which you will become a member of the club.
  • Going to your account choose a deposit method and deposit some funds into it.
  • Place your bets and win real money casino bonuses, which can be withdrawn simply using your device to your card or e-wallet.


To earn money by playing virtual roulette, it is enough to have a mobile phone or tablet with access to the internet. In the mobile casino you can choose the most profitable types of roulette, including roulette without zero or a game with minimum bet sizes.