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Roulette game house edge

The game in any casino, including virtual ones, implies a necessary house edge. This means a roulette edge, an advantage in poker and other games of chance which brings continuous profit to the establishments, depending on the number of players and the size of bets. This profit is calculated by a simple formula: the difference between all the money placed as bets and payouts made on those bets, the probability of the latter never being very high.

There are also certain rules that allow the casino to always take part of the placed bets. This happens with the casino winning every time the ball falls in the Zero Sector. Therefore, we can conclude that the greatest house edge roulette is in the American version with two zeros, and the smallest in roulette without zero available at Betvoyager casino.

Online casino roulette and mathematical calculation of the win

There are many systems whose creators claim to have discovered a way to consistently beat online casinos in roulette. To prove or dispel this assumption it is sufficient to turn to the principle of the expected value (maths), which will show the chances of winning in any game of chance.

  • The probability that the ball at the rotating roulette wheel stops at a certain number, is calculated as follows: 1 divided by 37 sectors and multiplied by 100 percent. In this case the probability of winning cannot exceed 2.7 percent, whatever the system is used by the player.
  • The above formula can also calculate how often the ball will fall into the Zero Sector - zero house edge roulette in this case is doubled when playing the American version.
  • The chances of ball landing on red (black) is calculated using the following formula: 18 red (black) sectors divided by 37 roulette sectors and multiplied by 100 percent. You get a 48 per cent probability. So almost half the times a player can receive cash bonuses from the casino.


This algorithm above must take into account another feature - one can only win at the casino taking into account the probability theory. This means that losing for ten spins in a row is a common phenomenon and provides a permanent advantage for the gambling establishment regardless of the players' winning amounts.

Choosing roulette in order to obtain larger permanent gains, you have to consider its rules and the conditions of the game. Thus, European roulette house edge at the casino is lower than in the American version, where two are two zero cells present. French roulette has special features: in order to attract players, the casino returns half the money placed in bets to everyone who bet on an equal chances if the ball lands on the zero sector.

Some of the systems' authors claim that their use guarantees winnings if exact calculations are followed trhough, and even allows one to calculate the amount of money that a player can get playing roulette. Usually it concerns betting on black and red (equal chances), the Martingale theory, Chernyshov theory and others. You should read such statements with a certain degree of skepticism - any casino operates on the basis of a mandatory house edge. You chances of winning can be affected by choosing the size of bets and roulette versions with less chances of the ball landing on zero.

Winning at roulette and house edge

Despite the fact that some types of roulette assume a permanent house edge, the game has its own audience who prefer it because of high excitement levels it provides. This applies to the American version with two green zero fields and French roulette which has special rules. We recommend for beginners to spend some time studying the different kinds of the game, betting options, and existing strategies.

To get the edge at roulette, you can be become a permanent member of the club, where the most favorable versions of the game are offered. These include no zero roulette, available at Betvoyager casino. Having a minimum bet size of only €0,01 and a maximum possible bet range significantly increases the chances of winning for a player and allows even beginners to spend a few hours playing the game.