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Roulette Black and Red betting system

The possibility of winning in the casino depends a lot on luck and cannot be accurately forecasted. However, using a progressive system in the game of roulette, you can increase your chances of winning and the probability of obtaining cash bonuses. Let’s examine how to win at roulette red and black, and what options are used this strategy in the online casino.

To play the game you will need to have a significant cash reserve, and plenty of time for roulette to bring a solid winning amount. Bet size is not limited, but the player must take into account the fact that it should be increased throughout the game. Roulette red or black strategy also applies to bets on the even-odd, i.e. to equal chance bets.

Classic version of Red-Black system

First of all you set the bet size and decide whether it will be on the red (black) or even (odd). Then proceed according to the algorithm:

  • After the first rotation of the wheel, in case of a loss double the size of the money bet.
  • There is an option where the bet is not doubled, but increased in arithmetic progression, that is, a fixed money amount is constantly added to the original bet.
  • Continue doing so until you win, then pick up the bonuses and return to the starting size of the bet

Taking into account the theory of probability, roulette strategy black and red works half the time, but we must also take into consideration the zero factor (double zero in American version). In case of success, the payout will be double the amount of the money bet.

Betting strategy variations

Another well-known roulette betting strategy red black belongs to another author and has its own features:

  • The process belongs to the group of negative ones, that is, it requires a bet increase only after a win. If the spin brought negative results, the bet remains the same
  • In case of bonus receival, the amount of money that is always bet on the red (or black) doubles.
  • Two consecutive winning session end the gaming session, that is, the player returns to the initial bet or leaves the game

The second of these systems is not only a proven and working one, but it also allows you to make gains faster than the classical red and black roulette system. At the same time you should always take into account the always present casino advantage, which cannot be affected by any of the existing strategies