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Попробуйте наш особенный No Zero Roulette, единственная рулетка в мире с реальными равными шансами во время игры.
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Bets on the house - this is one of the promotions that the casino offers which allows players to play a promo game and win real money.

A player is given a table on No Zero Roulette with an initial bankroll. All winnings, which a player earns with the help of the bankroll, can be converted to real money.

There are special rules for this promotion.

If the player is not satisfied with the game result, he may begin the game from the beginning. In this case, the previous results are annulled and the player can restart the game again. The amount of restarts is limited.

To turn the winnings into real money, a player must make a deposit no less than 5% of the winning sum. When the deposit is made, the winnings and the deposit become BetVoyager Cash and will be turned into real money after a certain amount of time, depending on the deposit amount. The amount of time it takes is stated in Table 1. With the help of BetVoyager Cash, a player can play in any game at the casino and can withdrawal any earnings that exceed their winnings in the promo game plus their deposit.

Table 1:

Deposit, percent of winnings Number of Days before the non-removable balance is written off
50% and more 5 days
From 25% tо 49% 10 days
From 10% tо 24% 20 days
From 5% tо 9% 30 days

When the number of days for the non-removable balance expires, the BetVoyager Cash will automatically be converted to real money and will be available for withdrawal.

Promotion Participation

Participation will be limited to players that receive a personal invitation from the BetCruise portal.

Game conditions

Initial balance: €300
Maximum bet per spin: €5
Maximum number of spins: 100 spins
Maximum winnings possible: €100
Restarts: 2 times

Game winnings are the amount that exceeds the starting balance. If a player wins, the player can stop the game at any time and take his winnings. There is no house fee from winnings received in this promotion.

Special Conditions

A game session cannot last more than 24 hours. If a player has winnings that exceed the initial bankroll in the promo game after the game session closes, those winnings can be converted into real money.

If the connection is interrupted, or the game window is closed, the promo game can be reopened in the Prize section of the Private room.

If the player presses the “Take Winnings” button, a special promo page in the private room will be available for 3 days. The promo page allows you to convert the winnings into real money.

If a player cancels the promo game, the player can no longer use the restart option.

The deposit that is made for this promotion cannot be used for any other promotion.

In the event of somebody breaking or abusing the rules, the administration of the portal reserves the right to exclude any player from the promotion without any compensation.

The administration reserves the right to cancel the promotion at any time.