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Fortune Bell Slots

This slot game is based on the Liberty Bell, the first slot machine in the world with automatic cash payouts. It was invented in 1899 by Charles August Fey and soon became known as the one-armed bandit. It is considered the ancestor of all modern slot machines.

Fortune Bell Slots feature two different payout schemes: the conventional one, and its duplicate with no house edge.

The Objective of the Game

The objective is to spin the reels so the symbols form a winning combination on the payline. The payout is dependent on the winning combination formed.

The Slots’ Arrangement

“Fortune Bell” is a three-reel, one-payline slot machine. The reels’ layouts are displayed here.

The 3 reels consist of 20 positions each and have the following layout:

Reel 1 Reel 2 Reel 3

Each reel’s layout is made up of 20 positions, containing the following 5 symbols:



  • Fortune Bell;
  • Lucky Seven;
  • Horseshoe;
  • Cherry;
  • Bar.

There is also a “blank” symbol, a space, between each pair of symbols on the reel.

The positions on which the reels stop are determined by a random number generator. Each position is equally likely to be stopped upon. “Fortune Bell” slots’ payout percentage is 97.99%. This means that the house edge is just 2.01%.

The play area displays the slot machine’s three reels. The reels are displayed through a slots window. There is one payline – line across a slots window where combinations must be formed.

Basic Rules

  1. The number of credits bet determines the enabled paytable column. You can bet anywhere from 1 to 3 credits. Once the bet has been made, the slot game starts by spinning the reels.

  2. A winning combination is the appearance of 2 or 3 identical symbols on the payline. The more identical symbols, the greater the win. These symbols must appear from the left to the right in consecutive order, starting on the first reel.

    For example, this combination of “Fortune Bell” symbols is a winning one:


    While this combination is not:


    You can read about the exact amount of payouts for various winning combinations in the upper-right corner of the screen. All payout figures show the number of credits that are won for each combination.

Additional Information

  1. Before starting the game, the player has to make the bet. That can be done in two ways.

    1. Clicking on the "BET ONE" button on the bottom panel of the slot machine:


      Each time the "BET ONE" button clicked, the number of credits bet will increase by one credit. If current bet is three credits and the "BET ONE" button clicked, the bet will decrease to one credit.

    2. Clicking on one of the paytable columns:


      The reels start spinning when the player clicks either "SPIN" button or handle located on the right of the slot machine.


      The current bet is indicated right below slots window.


  2. If the player wants to make the maximum bet, he should click on the "BET MAX" button. This bets 3 credits and automatically spins the reels.

  3. If the player wants to spin several times in a row and use the same bet each spin, he should click the "AUTO" button to start autoplay. Autoplay starts as soon as the "AUTO" button is clicked and the button starts blinking to indicate that autoplay is in process. The manual spin mode is restored by pressing the "AUTO" button while it’s blinking.

    If the player moves the mouse cursor over this button, he will see a counter appear above it that displays the number of spins that will be made during autoplay. At the beginning of a game session, this number is equal to the maximum possible value – 1000, but it can be changed by clicking the "SET SPINS" button.

    Comments on randomness control. If a series of spins is made using randomness control, one of the counter values appears as “RC”. When autoplay is started and RC is selected, all remaining spins in the randomness control series will be played.

  4. At the beginning of the game, 1 credit is equal to 10 cents. The credit’s value can be changed by clicking the "–" or "+" "DENOMINATION" buttons on the bottom panel of slot machine. The first button reduces the value of each credit and the second increases it. Each credit can be worth anywhere from 1 cent to €5.

  5. When there is a winning spin, the payout in credits is shown on the WIN indicator.

  6. The maximum payout for a single spin is limited to €20,000.