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Real Player's congratulations

Player login partially hidden for security reasons.

981130098 la***** Dear Betvoyager staff: First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your 11th anniversary with my best wishes. Happy Birthday! Betvoyager has been improving and growing over time to be the best casino, and this must be for a long time. Thanks for all your attentions.

629269212 wo****** I am writing in English through Google Translate, so do not swear at my English. You have great promotions and gifts. Continue in the same spirit. You are great. Happy birthday and I wish you a prosperous casino and many, many generous and understanding players. With love, me.

189717189 No*** On this special day, I wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

631017163 Mr******** I'm happy I found your casino. Seems like you are the best and outstanding in the world with your fairness and generosity, so I wish your age be wagered x60 and I'm glad to have an opportunity to say Happy Birthday.

601919597 Mi* a unique site, with many games that many other competing sites do not have ... the idea of having a roulette without the house advantage is the icing on the cake! from your loyal user ... Happy Birthday!

611035711 ta******** Happy Birthday to the casino! I wish you to become the most generous casino in the world! Let you have a record number of players and your generosity has no limits! happy Birthday! dreams come true!

309398626 mo******** Happy Birthday you all, may you keep your hard work up and keep providing us with the best of service and the standard we have come to expect from you guys. Keep going Best wishes Mohit

735640982 tr*** С Днём Рождения! Желаю новых игр и игроков. Желаю новых интересных проектов. Удачи! Happy birthday! I wish you new games and players. I wish you new interesting projects. Good luck!

251565242 xc***** On this day a new Casino was born, Betvoyager became its name and I became poor ... :)) The best of congratulations for many more years to come! :)) HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)

581936156 Wa************ Happy birthday to Bet Voyager, that is extremely impressive to have been going strong for as long as you have, and may you see just as many of not more years in the future.

558926196 di****** Felicidades por otro a?o mas ofreci?ndonos diversi?n. gracias por darnos algo con lo que olvidarnos de nuestros problemas. un abrazo y que cumpl?is muchos mas

345858770 ka**** Hello, im happy, because your b day is today! 11 years of good and qualificated job! Thats alot! I want to wish you another 11 years :)

896234069 sh****** Happy Birthday and Congratulations, BetVoyager! Here’s to the next 11 years (and many more..!), may they bring every success and joy :)

825263457 Do** Happy Birthday I wish you luck in continuing to run the casino and development, many successes and win new players wishes you Marcin

560735711 ta***** Поздравляю ваше казино с Днём рождения, желаю вам и дальше радовать нас ,игроков ,своим присутствует на рынке игорного биснеса.

575836739 Il***** 5 years playing.... !!! Still won nothing )) But it was fun))) Good luck to you ! And prosperity !!!! Happy Birthday !!!!!!!

722918658 Ru********* примите и мои поздравления желаю вам долгих процветающих лет на рынке гэмблинг постоянного развития и внеконкурентного рынка

234814402 we***** "Happy Birthday" - BetVoyager! I wish you all the best and continued persistent work in satisfying us players wesiu56

607359886 Ih** Happy Birthday! I wish you grow higher and higher! getting better and better! After all, you are one of the best casinos!

589620298 Di*********** Congratulations for being one of the best casino where i have played , amazing opportunity. Very Best , Happy B-Day !

271844790 Sc***** Happy Birthday, dear Betvoyager! Warm wishes from player from Russia! Let your way will clear, fortunate and long!

246424059 Ak***** A very happy birthday to you with many more to come. I am new here and hope we can get along very well indeed :)

599015092 Ar******** Happy Birthday. Поздравляю с Днем рожденья КАЗИНО!!!!БОЛЬШЕ АКЦИЙ,БОЛЬШЕ ИГРАКОВ И БОЛЬШИХ ВЫЙГРЫШЕЙ!!!

100770123 Du***** Поздравляю всю команду казино betvoyager, с таким прекрасным праздником, спасибо за ваш лучший проэкт.

276069426 au******** Thank you for your work! I wish your project even greater success, success and only big victories!

577114708 RV* Happy Birthday! I wish you success, many customers, prosperity! Let your games please users! RVF.

418096895 Sh** Happy birthday guys, you are all doing a great job and have made this a great casino well done xo

337117970 ma*** Congratulations on your 11th birthday Betvoyager!Hope yall will enjoy this day to the fullest!!

264963837 sm***** Happy Birthday, I wish you one happy day. I wonder what offers can I use with this signature?

960204116 An******* Happy birthday and may you live a hundred years on from now! BetVoyager with a shot of Jaeger

711526383 ru******** Happy birthday, Betvoyager! I wish you prosperity, a lot of players, and a lot of happiness!

601134874 di********** Happy birthday to my favorite casino! I wish you success and be the same cool casino always!

319974852 ku* Happy birthday to your favorite casino Beth Voyager I wish you success and fun game!!!

649244691 ur************ HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! best wishes to the all team, and have fun in your party !!! :D

100372327 Mi****** Mijn verjaardagswens is: Een Miele complete c3 black diamond ecoline stofzuiger.

420348757 da***** Happy Birthday.I hope that today's day will be the beginning of our common play.

290952212 St***** Happy birthday betVoyager hope you have many more hip hip hooray. Regards Robert

981506481 pe****** Happy Birthday and i hope you will continu like the way you are doing right now.

145199254 Fl**** Happy Birthday Betvoyager! Your the best and have a great day today! Flappjakk

707458833 me**** Heya, best wishes to your birthday. May there many many more to come ! Joachim

850382064 be******** Happy Birthday and loads of gold bullion and such har har betinsider (0_-)

177810472 Ki********* Congratulations on your 11th anniversary! Best wishes for the next 11 years!

439775980 sp********** Hello i want to wish you mamy players lot of money and healt good luck also

122948258 Kr**** Happy Birthday, and many more succesfull years in the gaming bussiness...

671474741 je******* Happy Birthday to you best wishes from Jens have a nice party gooooooo!


923654935 na********** expensive casino. Happy Birthday to you. all blessings and prosperity

624162809 tr*********** Happy Birthday From Patrick Verhagen

234893820 Sk***** Happy Birthday! I realy happy that i find this site!

678618906 Fi*** Happy birthday Betvoyager. Trust you will have many more Regards

990391692 al******* Many many happy returns of the day. Keep growing and prospering.

910286541 Es******** Happy birthday you little best casino ever!! Love you Betvoyager

426722645 Re***** Happy Birthday and thanks for providing us with russian poker :)

390361303 im*********** Happy Birthday and may you prosper like ever before and always.

747032144 pr****** HAPPY BIRTHDAY, development of the project and all the best...

437294806 ki******** Happy birthday, successful to you development and prosperity.

143863482 zv**** Поздравляю с Днем рождения желаю чтобы вас все было отлично!

189038119 pa******* Отличное казино с хорошим дизайном и вежливым персоналом!

224376372 ra**** Wish you a thousand years of life and prosperity forever.

481200032 ne*** I wish you to have fulfilled in life, what you want most.

282462720 Pa********** С днем рождения. Богатства и процветания любимому казино

927769326 Lo****** Happy 11 birthday and many good shops wishes GerlindeL2

421930132 pu***** Happy Birthday I wish you nice Day.I love your Games :)

799217789 Ju***** Happy Birthday to Betvoyager and good luck for Players!

685029450 sa***** All the best birthday, be long on the Polish market !!

630287662 Ch*** Happy birthday !! continue with this fantastic work!!

563246343 me***** Congratulations and happy birthday for best casino !

958947204 mu***** Hello, I congratulate you on your birthday friends!

235876665 Ta****** Happy Birthday! I wish you success and prosperity!

251952196 Na********** Happy Birthday! I wish you success and prosperity!

735820088 ja*** Happy Byrthday ! Boldog Sz?let?snapot k?v?nok!

339648964 Vi**** Congratulations and happy birthday. Free spins

801161181 hl****** congrats a casino. good luck to you and all player

284388247 Ph****** Yeah, Best wishes from Germany - Congratulations

723846649 Yv******** Have a very happy birthday, best wishes Yvonne xx

561462540 He*** Happy birthday! Wszystkiego Najlepszego! Sto lat!

515452852 fl********* Happy Birthday Betvoyager!! Keep up the goodwork.

547830727 ai*** happy birthday all the best to you your employees

413095718 sh**** Happy Birthday to Betvoyager on 11th anniversary

823882536 da**** Happy bithday, I wish you another next years :D

171342645 sk******** Happy Birthday, Gl?ckw?nsche zum Geburtstag :)

678638212 77******* Happy Birthday!!!Successes and all the best!!!

995677315 Yd**** Happy Birthday!!! Good luck and prosperity !!!

730415460 to** Happy birthday Betvoyager. 8 years with you :)

847412129 ch******** Wszystkiego Najlepszego z okazji urodzin :-)

230139796 Go** I wish you further prosperity and I love you

205174170 Ro***** Congratulations! Successful business to you!

320542069 El***** HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYY!! ???? YAYYYYY!! ??????

746191543 Je****** HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYY!! ???? YAYYYYY!! ??????

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192042120 Pa****** Happy birthday to you and me birthday twins

947093783 th******* Happy birthday, good wishes from Barbara

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255757914 is****** happy birthday

256372770 pa***** Happy Birthday

258560422 la****** Happy Birthday

260223093 Nc********* Happy Birthday

263885003 Da***** Happy Birthday

265730753 ju******** Happy Birthday

266685522 ta********* Happy birthday

267900881 jo**** Happy Birthday

268951781 pa****** Happy Birthday

269152033 el******** Happy Birthday

276074192 Ma****** Happy Birthday

284458534 An*** Happy Birthday

286271475 Tr**** Happy Birthday

292870136 Di***** Happy Birthday

297341259 Ro**** Happy Birthday

298757188 Kr*** Happy Birthday

299496174 ku* Happy Birthday

301620460 Je**** Happy Birthday

304043353 Me****** HAPPY BIRTHDAY

306376641 Ra***** Happy Birthday

308216358 Wh************* Happy Birthday

309283724 em***** Happy birthday

311878178 Si******* Happy Birthday

316896914 Ma******* Happy Birthday

317172292 Sa******* Happy birthday

319597431 dr****** HAPPY BIRTHDAY

327497998 Ni******* Happy Birthday

331459965 Ta*** Happy Birthday

332564748 as******** Happy Birthday

355430212 fr************** Happy Birthday

364956754 kh******** Happy Birthday

365690086 Al****** Happy Birthday

365872285 Fo**** Happy birthday

366036854 go**** Happy Birthday

371059264 JU**** Happy Birthday

372094742 ka******** Happy Birthday

374648921 Ma***** Happy Birthday

376563862 Ke**** Happy Birthday

376701637 No******** HAPPY BIRTHDAY

379450817 CR**** HAPPY BIRTHDAY

385785310 ma****** Happy birthday

387762877 el**** Happy Birthday

389814324 lo******* Happy Birthday

391495661 nj***** Happy Birthday

393240865 De******* Happy birthday

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413415305 re**** happy birthday

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865526268 sl******** Happy b-day

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773941776 Mi******** Free Bonus

905267782 lu**** Alles Gute

475823657 GA********* HBD guys

745983292 Ni**** Freespin

212497278 Ka***** Thanks

986562044 To** Thanks

958489852 Za**** Helou

278568976 sa****** happy

901389551 ma**** Happi

637823586 ko*** Hi

Real Player's reviews

Player login partially hidden for security reasons.

100193686 al******** gosto muito de brincar e apostar no betvoyager, porque é um site confiável, segro e tem vários tipos de jogo de roleta que é meu passatempo preferido. além de uma infinidade de jogos para todos os gostos. a betvoyager tem uma excelente equipe de trabalho e em meio a tantos site de jogos de casino a betvoyager é um dos meus preferidos.

111823220 su********** In my opinion it is great casino with a lot of many games. I really like this casino. Very most diffrent games for any players. Cheers !

111922687 va***** Add a roulette with live dealer and Russian casino

112268831 sw****** The best casino i have ever played.lot of good games.

114388181 To******** Its my favorite casino, with exciting promos and very fast withdraws, best luck!

118343787 ur********** very good

124844711 ed****** No reservations to the casino. Very fast payout and rich offer of games.I like the layout and transparency of the website.I am very happy with the presence of Betsoft games, which belongs to my favorites.The added advantage of your casino is the large amount of deposit available.So your casino for me has the same advantages and it is a sincere opinion.

127011762 Na************ BARDZO duzo ciekawych i uczciwych gier polecam:)

129520813 Ol***** Add the Russian language, you need to change the roulette, combine the betvoyadzher and betkruiz

129872418 Ro******* Jesteście świetni i wspaniali. Ok. Można wam ufać. Pozdrawiam Was

129934320 tb***** i like play betvoyager

136702982 ka********* I really like your casino. There is a large selection of games and bonuses. I like the graphic design. I think your casino is high.

138563376 SK*********** many promos,fastest withdraws,a lot of slots,many of payments/withdraw metods.Clarify WEBside.

143321902 lo******** I would like to play a promo game.

143457968 mi*********** I like betvoyager for its variety although at times I do question the randomness of some results (same number came up 5 times in a game of roulette)

145412522 zy****** ok fantastico kasino

154276552 po***** good

157659020 re******* fantastico kasino

162106147 na******** Bardzo ładne graficznie kasyno

164127607 pa****** Clear page. Zero problem with slots on laptop or tablet. Cool promotions. Even a lot of slots. Unfortunately I have not yet found out how it is with payouts but I hope that as it happens I will not have any problems.

164816280 kr********* bardzo fajne kasyno

167184625 ad****** A good roulette without zero anywhere such did not see. And control of a very interesting coincidence. A lot of games without the benefit of the casino, also like Texas Hold'em without the benefit of a casino. Good promotions. No live dealers and want more providers for slots eg netent or Microgaming

169503272 dr********** this is wonerul and great casino :):):):):)

173595930 ma***** Your casino is very cool you have a great deal of games

177810472 Pl********* Para mim, o Betvoyager é um ótimo casino para se ganhar com diversão autentica. É Credivel e honesto nos pagamentos, além de ter um suporte e apoio ao cliente bastante rápido! Estou 100% satisfeito em geral com o Betvoyager, e aconselho a todos os apostadores de roleta! Só gostaria que a aplicação para Desktop fosse um pouco melhorada, porque no meu caso, não aceita os dados de login para poder entrar na aplicação! Quanto ao resto tudo Bem! Dou nota 100 ao Betvoyager! PARABÉNS!!!

178915577 ro********** bardzo podoba mi sie ta strona

180739473 vi********* Your casino is fantastic developing Large selection of slots and friendly support. I think one of the best online casinos

181647046 pi******* witam bardzo dobre kasyno a przedewszystkim sloty bede je polecal wszystkim znajomym

185927584 sy******* yes ok good

186019387 kr****** Great withrawal speed

187049564 ja******** Super

189717189 no******* Nice casino , lot of games , good support all is okey :)

192997305 wa********* Great games and bonus

193489863 jo******** I've been playing roulette for about 10 years, and I knew Betvoyager from a roulette forum about 7 years ago. Rcently in these few months the website of Betvoyager has many big improvements: 1) Much faster web server, the ball wil not spinning for few minutes now. 2)Cash Back on Tuesday and Wednesday, gives you a second chance to win back your lost money, and the Cash Back always comes on time 3)Most exciting is the free spins on Saturday and Sunday, only 5 eur to join and the 3D slots give me lots of fun If you play moblie , you can play the roulette pro which dont need flash player, but its drawback is you cannot remove clips and less flexible, but its greatness is that it has statistical spin data, good for system players Betvoyager knows how to protect their interest, you can now play one game only and cannot input the amout you want to play. Most important, withdrawal takes 24 hours, you can cancel it within 24 hours, in case you need money to play.This is far to both sides.

195155615 ik********** I really like this casino because of the interesting promotions for new players. I'm going to stay here for a long time.

195735636 Be****** Impressive is the great selection of roulettes, as well as the pitch of bets starting with 0.01 cents! I can also note the colorful 3-D games. I want to wish the casino to establish a reliable withdrawal of funds for credit / debit cards of players.

201183791 Ry******** I thing casino is very professional. Is the nice website, all I can see. Great slots, not bad live support. What I cann write more:)

205467130 ko******* You are very good service. I am new player there but i will play here :) Greetings

209840949 gu********** Bonjour, Casino very serious, the only one possessing a roulette without zero. Always pays its customers without any difficulty. Answered questions. Several " roulette " are available, some with minimum bets of 1 cent! Things not found elsewhere. I am very satisfied with this gambling establishment that I have been attending for years. I only practice roulette and the choice is vast for the fans of this game. In short, Betvoyageur is the best online casino, reliable and honest Cordially JG

213950737 pa******** Good casino good promotion

215410212 ag***** super :)

227346169 ad******** I think betvoyager is very interesting casino site. Lots of games and nice and clear website. I recommend this site!;)

227361274 ha********* Betvoyager offers most gameing for your buck, and equal odds!

230139796 br******* Hello ! Casino and bonuses are good.Few game makers So I play in other casinos where there is a large selection of games. You like me slots where there are equal chances I love your casino for loyalty and bonuses On the technical side sometimes slots are not loaded .In general you have an excellent casino but I will repeat a few games and slot manufacturers. For example, the NetEnt , Microgaming Amatic

231337468 Ba******** Casino site is ok

234219402 Ti****** I like the promotions an the quick payouts.

236796029 Be******** I like your casino Thank you

237083510 ag***** yes good

246382625 ag***** I like games yes super very interesant

246482722 ib******** Everything at BetVoyager Casino is user friendly. Navigation is intuitive and you can play directly from the site. There is no need to install any software. Just Java! The casino at first glance looks promising, the casino has a nice promotion You can play directly from the browser, Without downloading any files, Intuitive navigation....

247513769 to*********** A very positive casino, worth playing here for bonuses and a great selection of games. I have been here a very nice time and I intend to systematically go here

249373044 cz******** good casino

255757914 ma****** I think your casino is great. You have great promotions and fair play. I have a lot of fun on your games. The only think is that is not very sutable for player is withdraw, i think it is too much compicated. Regard, Marina

255851341 Ol********** Bardzo prZyjemne kasyno. Dużo gier do wyboru. Mój ulubiony zabijacz czasu

256372770 pa****** casino ok

256646815 Ar******** This casino is mega god's promo good supports is very good. Website casino OK.

257938560 mi******* Casino betvoyager is very user friendly. In the casino are cool games, you can spend nice time at the casino betvoyager. I highly recommend these casinos

269011592 Pi******** Very good casino, many promos and friendly support!

271593669 Om********* Many games that are worth to try :)

271936826 el******* okk good casino

272857310 dz******* best ever casino with best promos

274187941 pi****** ok good

277083704 gu******** wszystko jest dobre

278568976 sa******** As for me this is the best casino fun casino game of the friendly casino service

281052185 ag******* super

282694544 xa****** Nice

286271475 Tr***** Nice looking casino with several banking options and great bonuses to offer. It can be even better if you can offer more variety of game providers.

291564817 sc******* kasynko jest super duzo slotow i rozne turnieje nic dodac nic ujac

292646043 bo****** You are a nice have cool deposit promotions

296301863 bo**** You have a rich offer of promotions and tournaments. I am satisfied with your offers. I recommend to everyone, your casino.

297341259 Vi******* I play in Your casino for many years. Mostly prefer roulette. Like a roulette with the Fair Play, high betting limits in roulette. Willing to play in tournaments and participate in the promo. I would like more quick payouts of winnings, and online-chat support.

302130433 ss********* The casino is very nice cool game, nice service. I recommend :)

303202598 si******** Betvoyager is fair and withdrawable casino . Have a great bonuses and support but I think casino marketing is not well . :D Not enough advertisement and banners on forums .

303382896 gr********* ok good casino !

307979300 ma******* ok fantastic

308412083 ju****** fantastic

318094132 zw***** the best slots site, fast deposits, good games.

319974852 ku****** I like the casino. But here's the action of Betvoyager's Gift Giva'ev to mine, it's wrong to assign the status for attracting other players and their small deposits. For example, I have enough depots for a crowd of friends. But the status is low. I do not have friends who play but I myself made a lot of deposits for large sums. I do not want to cheat by creating an account of an existing friend and making a deposit from.

320354357 bl****** I am happy to be at Betvoyager Casino, level side nothing to add anything to capture

327475055 no***** I no have any opinions im register today

332564748 as******** bardzo dobre kasyno polecam w nim grac

332649941 ja******* Very cool casino. Lots of games and a transparent lobby. I like it very much.

333916054 Ma********* jestem od niedawna ale wasze kasyno wyglada solidnie z fajnymi grami , bede polecal znajomym .

333999853 ba******* Good casino what to write a lot here

353443621 wu********* This is a very cool casino to play.

362656070 lo******* Casino with most popular deposit/withdraw option. One thing which is poor is lack of live casino games.

366824334 br********* I think that the most interesting is your site layout. Its clearly readable, with nice colours. Withdraws are too slow for me, but I like the ways of deposit. I got a lot of options.

369467250 an***** It is good

373956292 Ar********** Its good Casino

374818327 an****** ok good casino

377356737 ge*********** Super Kasyno na którym nie brakuje wielu ciekawych gier które dostarczają rozrywki i wielkich emocji.

377368439 ni********* Your casino is very interesting. Lots of cool promotions. Games load fast. A little bit of "no deposit" promotion. Chat responds quickly to questions. Generally I'm baked. Regards, Jaroslaw Supranowicz

395015934 Fl****** I like the performance of the casino when it comes to speed and I also like the variety of game especially the ones without house edge. I wish you could improve some things: 1: If I leave the casino window with my mouse the selected chip value de-selects which very often bothers me, because I have to select the same chip over and over again. So selection should remain when mouse leaves the casino window. 2: The tool tips at roulette when the mouse hoovers above a number at the felt hinders to click several neighboring numbers. It should be turned off.

396884975 lu******** Betvoyager online casino is an awesome casino which provides a friendly platform to its players and the players enjoying this platform to their fullest while playing. In this casino i almost won 7 out of 10 chances. One of the reason to play in this casino is that it is based on the Real time gaming software which is the leading software in the current scenario of the online casinos world.

400111827 Nu****** Amazing casino with lots of no house edge games, fast payouts and above all a satisfaction of always getting the fairest randomness possible. I love the lowest stakes on roulete and blackjack. No live dealers and want more providers for slots eg netent or Microgaming.

406550636 ba*********** i like to play here many slots

406788156 ah****** Betvoyager casino is an awesome place to have some fun, and hopefully make some profit :) Slot games are the best ones on the market, excellent graphics and very good payouts. The equal odds games are another perfect thing. Our preferred games such as Equal Odds Blackjack or No zero roulette are top of this website. The support on mobile devices is also pretty good. Everyone should try betvoyager for sure!

406878139 Wa******** Kasyno bet Voyager jest dobrym kasynem z duza iloscia promocji i wieloma grami do wyboru polecam te kasyno kazdemu.

409676919 pa********* This casino is good . Good promotion

411630036 ra****** Casino is geate for my becouse fave greate games

414719832 se******* super nice casino :P

415131460 ra****** best of in the world

418504897 Cl******* Best casino ever!!

421809032 be***** I do not know very well yours casino, but i think is really good. You have free spins for new players and depositors and good promotions. Large selection of games and good payment systems.

421963129 An********** is ok

437399591 dz****** You have a rich offer of promotions and tournaments. I am satisfied with your offers. I recommend to everyone, your casino.

438018540 Bo****** u are very good

438222874 ma********* Hallo. It's very good casino. Many fantastic games. I liked play with the casino. Information with chat is very good.

441164410 ga****** Best casino on the internet hands down.

441933131 we********** The best casino betvoyager more games big price.

443120210 pi***** Great casino, lots of free games, quick deposit, lots of games, nothing to recommend :) Regards pias22 :))

443971463 im******* Hello, i have been playing for the past six years at BETVOYAGER and i really enjoy this casino software and games. The communication is good and there is no problem for withdrawal.

448211917 da************* Hy I like this casino because it is one of the best way to get your preferred game , he has to many offering, anyway I think it is a good idea to have acaunt with you ,I wish you all the best

454231953 zi****** I AM satisfed od your site.

457053353 ma********* The appearance of the casino and the functionality is the most plus, many methods of deposit and withdrawal I have nothing to add casino 100%

457147807 sa******** werry god game selection friendly support fast verification and withdrawall i like this casino

459095459 rz***** Hi! It is an honour to let You know what is in my opinion. I mean the site is quite readful and slots almost all that i need to play. Just have this quality and the show must go on :D

460098969 Ka***** I'll tell you about my weakness: I like to play gambling, especially in roulette. Now there are a lot of sites for playing for real money on the net, but my view has fallen on this casino Grand Casino. Win in the casino is almost impossible, but it's easy to spend time without ceremony.

460733062 Bu********* Dear Betvoyager, I really like this page and my favourite game is the roulett. Then I like the tournaments. I think it's a good idea that we every month get a present and I usually like useing these. Your faithfully, Attila Nagy

461277657 wy****** Casino Betvoyager, fajne casino w którym gram od niedawna. Jeśli chodzi o wpłaty i wypłaty to nie moge zbyt wiele powiedzieć bo aktualnie mój kraj jest na zakręcie politycznym. Opcje wpłat nie są dostępne z poziomu banku więc trzeba kombinować. W tym kasynie mamy dużą liczbę slotów co jest wielkim plusem. Łatwość odnajdywania potrzebnych informacji tak i na temat gier jak i profilu też zasługuje na pochwałę. Jeśli chodzi o szate graficzną to tez nie ma sie czego przyczepić. Jeśli natomiast chodzi o wsparcie techniczne i support to niestety ale nie miałem okazji tego sprawdzic. Ale jeśli działa jak cała reszta to tylko pogratulować. Powodzenia w dalszym rozwoju.

464002782 og******* Casino good but little promotion without deposit.More games for everyone.

468202457 ba****** fantastic good!

468864214 ku******* Casino super

474861224 lu******* In general, your casino is little known. It could be a promotion with free spins.

480831020 kr******** super wygląd strony musze w końcu zacząć grać na serio

482962385 ji********** One of the best internet casinos. The negative thing is the maximum 3 free spins on roulette and there is no live-dealer roulette but everything else is perfect. Thank you.

485717567 PG***** I like all sort of casino games, but the roulettes are the ones that call my special atention. I also enjoy the tournaments, a lot, there we can "fight" against real players and get some rewards back. Keep the good work.

491143767 an******* Jestem bardzo zadowolona z kasyna

500017642 ki********** Your casino is fantastic developing Large selection of slots and friendly support. I think one of the best online casinos

503551273 HE******* Hi, betvoyager is the Best casino for me.

503568918 ka********* za mały wybór gier strona przejrzysta.ładowanie gier tez szybkie ogólnie ocena 4

503771413 Sa******* Alls.its good ;)

504726675 ma***** Witam. Szczerze to nie znam waszego kasyna,ale jeśli jest szansa was poznać przez np: niewielkie bonusy to jestem bardzo chętna:) Wtedy będę was poecać każdemu:)

507286604 Ma********* awesome. I am raptured

511575536 be***** awesome

511981082 kr****** Cool friendly casino, cool bonuses

517201103 jk**** A good casino with good games and good bonuses, I play most of time to the roulette, I think that it should be an option to get the roulette a little bit faster but in general I love this casino.

524144134 Rp******* There is a large set of different types of roulette games in Casino Betvoyager. The minimum bet is equaled to from 1 to a few cents. These advantages are very convenient for roulette funs. Wish more rapid response of support to the questions of the players. Then there will be less disputes and conflicts.

525390705 ki***** Casino on the plus, it has a lot of cool games, there could be more free free spins, interesting deposit proposals with a small turnover requirement

528185289 mo********** Very good casino recommended to all friends

528553933 Me** Very good casino for everyone. Fast and professional support.

535300271 Sl******** Hello, FYI, I play on the casino BETVOYAGER for several years. I almost do that roulette wheel and especially their "no zero". Very frankly, unlike full else I've tried, I've never felt anything fishy. I lost, I won, and all my earnings are systematically paid (I use Neteller) within 3 days. I recommend it. In addition, I have earned 500 euros in their contest "BetVoyager Tournaments". The first prize was 5,000 euros to 20 euros for participation !! Plus you can play with 0.01 euros, it's rare and well.

537370996 Ya******* In first sight very good casino. 5 free spins on start which isn't often in present days. I expect good experience with betvoyager.

540184516 os******* Dopiero się zarejestrowałem, chętnie bym poznał wasze kasynko :)

540982038 Ma********* The best casino. Layout is good. Fast withdraw, and fast deposit metods

549054405 bi****** Ok

557208155 ni********* Moim zadaniem kasyno całkiem spoko lecz za mało bonusów

559237133 ch******* porzadne kasyno szybkie wyplaty dobra opinia nic tylko grac:)

560913790 bo********** In my opinion betvoyager is the best casino.

561139136 se****** Casino betvoyager is very user friendly. In the casino are cool games, you can spend nice time at the casino betvoyager. I highly recommend these casinos

563267293 Ol******** Nice casino. Thanks for CashBack options. But, for me opinion, you need to have some slots from NetEnt and another big companies.

563376638 bb****** Boa tarde, gosto bastante do vosso casino especialmente das vossas roletas . Um dos pontos menus bom é o tempo de pedido de levantamentos de fundos levar muito tempo , tirando isso acho o casino muito completo. Cumps Victor Castro.

568600081 Ma********** witam ogólnie żeby wszystko było polepszone.

577114708 vf*** I like your casino. Wishes: - the downloadable version does not work; - very strict requirements for wagering the bonus. It can not be win backed.

580750007 Ka**** When the casino has withdrawn your bucks, you can try again. So I would like to hear your comments on the casino account. In no case do I advise you to play too gambling people.

581385631 Fl******* Super.

582165406 va***** Add a roulette with a live dealer, change the European roulette, uncomfortable interface

582944760 ta***** The casino works very well, I like the idea of being an occasional promotion.

583537860 bi***** I like your logo, your fast support and few games. You are on the top. I will add net ent games and more jackpots games.

587191858 ci******** I am with Betvoyager casino for over 2 years now and I'm hooked. I love their table games selection, especially European Roulette version. I can say I am a no zero roulette addict. Yes, that's right! Betvoyager is the only online casino with No-zero roulette! With their mobile selection of games and the unique Randomness Control function you can verify that every game you play is fair and enjoy Betvoyager features without the fear of being scammed or disturbed. I never had any problems with deposits or withdrawals. I use Skrill and Paysafe for it. Lots of no house edge games, fast payouts, tournaments and great customer service- satisfaction guaranteed! What I love the most is their promo Game gift away. If you win in their promo game (no deposit required-just invitation), you can turn your winnings into a real money with a deposit. After fulfilling special conditions of the game you can withdraw winning+deposit without wagering! How cool is that!

590016945 ma***** Betvoyager is a very good casino.

592054073 ar******** BETVOYAGER is on of the best on-line casinos in the world. Very popular is the No Zero Roulette. A roulette without zero. The only one No Zero Roulette in the world. A very important points of BETVOYAGER is the many equal odds games.

598100107 To******** There is alot of nice games.payments by skrill is so important and in forums this casino has really nice reviews

601919597 Xe****** Great choice of games, great idea of lowering the advantage of the home in some games or taking it off completely (no zero roulette), very good promotions that are often sent to players. It would be nice to have fast, animated versions of games, and it would be nice to deposit and withdraw funds using paypal.

607612986 Vi***** Betvoyager is my favourite casino portal because of the fair process followed throughout and wide selection of interactive games offered. However I will appreciate if the withdrawal system is more efficient and without errors.

608197757 fo****** Casino its ok

613355580 da***** At first I apologize for my English. Your casino I like very much. There is a large selection of slots (which I care about most). Money transfer is very efficient and fast. With withdraw is similar. The casino is fair and that is why I value your casino.

615931272 do********* I like to play here in this casino is nice pleace

628840330 pi********** super

630287662 Ch******** I think the site has been increasingly growing and this is due to the unique features of the games, customer support and fast withdrawls.

630658578 AG*************** strona kasyna przejrzysta ale stosunkowo mały wybór slotów .

633398670 Ci****** for me is the one o the best casinos, with a lot of game to choose and quick withdraw, good luck

634038823 ko****** best casino, fast withdraw, a lot of the best slot and nice promos, best luck 4 every one

637044263 gr********* I really like the casino. Hold on so much !!!

643161196 iv******** Little games and no netent slot

643206815 mi********* Very good casino good promtsion!

644721310 za******** Hello I so clad play in this casinoI a new person but i very happy. Best regards

645127566 zi****** Very good casino. Lots of promotion, great support, very nice internet site, generally a plus casino

645375059 ry****** I See here very good games i want to try them. Promos good too. When i try games i Will use Promos deposit

650108869 Ar****** Win some lose some but always good service. Really like this site and have had many good moments with it. Playing mostly roulette and jacks or better games. Sometimes good offers available and their event lottery is one of its kind, very nice feature. Hope they keep doing them. Customer service is good and all answers comes quick. Also withdrawals have been quick enough. Cheers Ari

650734286 Go***** ok good

651776964 pi**** Very good casino recommended

653691355 lu******* All is o.k.

654857441 Sa****** Hmm, for me its fine.

655145623 lu****** The casino is good. There are plenty of games also mobile, free spiny deposit, and great bonus deposits. I recommend to my friends.

655240634 xx****** This Casino is greate, professional support,good soft game,low deposit.fanstastic.

658747228 JA****** Betvoyager offers super bonuses and many payment methods. Graphic design very nice to the eye. Casino page intuitive, pleasant color, easy to read. The offer tailored to my needs.

659540680 ko******* Its very nice

665873638 gr******** very nice site . i love it

666643724 lu***** ok I like this casino is

678110878 ja******* Kasyno bardzo dobre, grafika przejrzysta strona szybkie wyszukiwanie gier i wyplaty bardzo szybkie

678326138 jo****** Betvoyager is good online casino, best no deposit promotions, quickly verification. Best slots from internet games, easy navigation on side. Nearly thay have to add some new provider, so I am happy to use it in few days around :)

680077437 sp******** casino ok :) games ok :) nice service. I recommend

687774200 em******* You have a great casino, with many promotions as I see, you have many slots of such american, I am from europe and your style is American, site is cool and unobtrusive because i was in different and different times. Very much liked by many casin.Weekend customers are ok.I see many card games.Bonus from the deposit is also interesting.You are an interesting casino in the casino market..You could just connect Nettent and WazdaN. REGARDS. EMANUEL

705306510 Lo****** I like the games you offer. Especially the roulette without zero is nice to play

709446825 Ho****** I'm very glad to your games and promotions. I like this site and spend here lot of time. If it's possible do more tournaments and rise the prize ont them. Best site ever!

714537791 af******** I have no words just you are amazing. The best casino on the web

715404248 gr******* Betvoyager online casino is an awesome casino which provides a friendly platform to its players and the players enjoying this platform to their fullest while playing. One of the reason to play in this casino is that it is based on the Real time gaming software which is the leading software in the current scenario of the online casinos world.

717298132 mi******* Veey nice casino.everything is ok

719461458 Od********* I beg you to remove the bugs from the roulette wheel: a long spin of the spin, an inconvenient setting of chips, a black screensaver with a payout counter, a long time counting bets and generally see how many convenient roulette functions your competitors have in other casinos! When will the live roulette appear?

727605640 th******** Betvoyager is the most fair on-line casino. Especially i could stay to the only one in the world roulette without zero and to the many interesting equal odd games.

727888736 ka***** Hello, it would be good if you could read more quickly what percentage of the required turnover is already made.

728984358 si***** Is a complete casino with a great deal and very nice as graphics. I find, however, that he often disconnects. Missing the Italian language, but it is the only one I play on. Congratulations also for the tournaments and bonuses you give.

729651082 sw******** This casino is pretty good. The site is very clear. Games are also okay. In my opinion this should look like a perfect casino :)

735026277 ka******** Your casino is fantastic developing from year to year. Fast payout available various forms of payment. Large selection of slots and friendly support. I think one of the best online casinos

735820088 Ja******* Tisztelt ügyfélszolgálat! Mindent összegezve elégedett vagyok a szolgáltatással. 1 dolog hiányzik nekem.: A régi verzió online felület. üdv. janyy

736568148 Dr******** The casino is good. Do not hang up

739473534 Da********* Its ok

740861859 Ka******* Its my first, and the favorite casino with the best slots ever!!

743381566 kr*********** Very cool site with lots of games, the most important shaft not sticking, service as well as i would recommend

760558730 Mr******** Cassino have good MENU. Easy. Evrythking is easy and fast. Support it's very good. It;s Hellpy

763742389 ko******* Super casino ,super gamę,super winner ;)

771652088 lu****** I like this casino

783469378 lu********** Since September 2013 I am USER of BETVOYAGER . My favorite game is " Roulette without ZERO " All the time since 3 years everything worked excellent : Deposit , Withdrawal, Promo-Bonus and Support. Go on this way in the future ...... ludograph 42 Seit September 2013 bin ich Nutzer im Casino von Betvoyager. Mein Favorit ist " Roulette ohne ZERO " Die ganzen 3 Jahre in der Vergangenheit hat alles ausgezeichnet geklappt : DEPOSIT / Auszahlungen/ Promo-Bonus und auch der SUPPORT hat gut funktioniert ....... Weiter so - auch für die Zukunft ...... ludograph 42

785585598 wi******* I like this casiono very much :)

785909640 le******** Your casino I like very much. The graphic design is neat and nice. One thing I would change is that it added more games and sports bets. Yes, everything is ok

787170527 ed******** Mobile app

789073810 bi******* In the casino there could be more games and more payment methods. The graphics are ok.I also like free spins and bonuse

791274695 ed******* ok good casino

791658531 be********* good casino i like this casino.

801161181 Hl******* Very nice graphical. Readable and pleasing to the eye.

802404107 mb******* Very good casino with many games . Probably the best casino on the net.

806915198 zb******* fantastic kasino

812824593 ku********** Great casino, has many pluses. Variety of games, nice service, interesting promotions. Generally one of the better casinos I have Played 😊

816191117 mo******** Very cool casino. Nice chat service. Lots of games. Everything in a friendly atmosphere.

818478420 RO***** BetVoyager is very nice casino. He is one of my favorites. Recommend

823712551 as***** Good slota easy fast withdraw i am onvited by my friend hi says its ok

824742419 sz********** good casino

825263457 Do******** I do not play here very often but your casino looks very decent and I think about the deposit, I just do not play often in casino I prefer sport

826255168 ss****** Super casino, great games, quick withdrawal time

826969727 Ma********* betvoyager is a trusted casino you all can deposit without any exceses after on withdrawal good split of slots gg

832930187 fe******* siema pozdrawiam wszystkich

845689869 ro******* Hello I am satisfied with your casino, the payments under 24, the bonuses, the games. I would just like a quicker response time to emails. Greetings.

847069455 pa******** I love Betvoyager ! Betvoyager offer many equal odds games and it offers in addition THE ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD No Zero Roulette ! Betvoyager belongs to the best on-line casinos.

854715572 ta********* Very good casino, lots of cool games, friendly service

857150446 ja******* The casino is great

857418719 du******* Its realy great casino. I not play too much but i start.

857907311 ko***** Hi, your casino is good for me but sometimes loading games is very slow maybe you can something to do with that. Thank you bye

859259201 ze******* This casino is good for player on my country.Betvoyager have good games ,payment options and a good help desk.I love it

861589398 se******** ok good

863234754 ag****** Fine casino

864437022 ta********* fast payout very good site all is clean i thinks when you add more casino games netnet / microgaming or other soft is better for you :)

865245742 pi***** Hi please add Free spins love casino becuse the best Casino In

872039827 sm***** ok

885338733 mi****** Nice

897676020 or**** Big choince of games Helpful LC Friendly ang good-looking site

899071337 zw****** Witam. Kasynko chyba daje rade lecz jednym z mankamentów jest niestety mała ilość gier do wyboru. Pozdro:)

903002355 mi****** You have a rich offer of promotions and tournaments. I am satisfied with your offers. I recommend to everyone, your casino.

904676566 pi***** I think you are at the highest level. New and interesting games are coming up. This is not only my opinion but many people in different forums will appreciate you.

907251914 de***** Your casino is on a high level. Promotion is really an opportunity and games are great.

909839540 Ta******* Betvoyager is just a nice design, the server's work, its idea and theme, I really liked it! The project is reliable, there are no complaints.

920473991 po******** This is the best casino. I really like it! Friendly support, different methods of payment, excellent opportunity for betting limits.

928276428 BO***** For a few years I play in the casino betvoyager . Most like to play roulette without any zeros. Slots since 0.01e. I also play tournaments paid and free. I also appreciate fast payouts and the possibility to pay from 2 euros. So I recommend this casino to all those willing to play roulette and slots.

934855366 pi****** I can not write much because I'm just starting out with your casino, sure good impression makes a nice and neat website, everything is transparent

943940924 to******* super casino and nice promo wih free spins every week

944713189 Da***** Generally in my opinion the casino's performance overall is very good. speaking from the UK It Is a little annoying that the debit card facility is still not working but Im sure It will be resolved by Betvoyager as soon as they can do so. I did have a problem a few weeks ago where I lost money on placed bets when the game restarted itself. I explained this and was told there was no record of It on my account. When I raised the complaint a 2nd time Betvoyager Kindly took my word for it and awarded me with free money to cover my lost bets. And to be fair they more than covered the bets I lost along with a very nice e mail of explanation and an apology. I have been treated very fairly and overall am very happy with Betvoyagers performance. Thanks guys. Goldenbollocks.

952283736 si**** I had a lot of fun, betvoyager made boring office hours exciting. And for me it is also exciting with small amounts. Until now I did not find a strategy to beat your equal odd roulette - but it is fun to try different strategies. The software works as it should - I have no proposal to change something. Thank You!

952872723 ma********* - Fast website. - Everything works and is well organized and explained -Nice layout -Fair games

956944808 Kw******** You have a rich offer of promotions and tournaments. I am satisfied with your offers. I recommend to everyone, your casino.

959637109 ra******* ich kann kein englisch trotzdem spiele ich gerne im betvoyager casino

962437890 yo***** Hello. I like your casino. Great bonuses, support and so much games.

965122714 lu******* Very nice casino. Good luck

970936418 Ne******** A great online casino. A large variety of slots and table games. Loyal policy of the casino and a quick conclusion. Good luck to all.

972733575 go********* OK. I think you have great casino with a really diffrent games. I like your software. your deposit and withdraw options. You allways it is OK for the players . I think it is important. Sincerely !

981130098 la******** I like this casino, and I am here from various years ago. I have spent many many hours here. The games are visually very pleasant and comfortable to play and are improving every day, as well as the resources that this casino has. I would also like to mention the excellent attention received by the staff of this casino towards me. They have always been very attentive and humane, and have always rewarded me well. I have never had problems with the payments nor in resolving with the staff of Betvoyager any technical issue that could have happened here. I am very happy to be here and to help improve everything I can the activity of this casino.

983772834 So******** This site is very useful to me.Very secure site and i love it very much and free gift option is cool.

988752805 ni********* this game is fantastic very vey good

990391692 al********* I have been associated with betvoyager for pretty long time and like to play roulette only here. It provides the biggest choices of roulette available on any single online casino. Fairness and true randomness are guaranteed here that even experts swear upon. Excellent bet spread offered from 1 cent to 2000 Euro is very unique. For further improvements I would advise to make a faster version of roulette or add the same option in all RNG games specially roulette and baccarat. I like a few slots as well and wish to see many more added soon. Goodluck to all.

992039711 be**** good casino