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Rules of American roulette game

American Roulette was invented in the XVIII century in the United States. And, while the European roulette has undergone a number of changes in its history, this game came to us virtually unchanged. However, in order to understand how to play American roulette one does not have to study history, it is enough to understand the rules you can start the game.

Playing equipment description

American roulette is a wheel with clockwise number series from 0 to 38, where there is also a double zero. The fields are divided into 3 columns, and 3 dozens, which are needed for bets calculations. Most players who become acquainted with the guide American roulette guide understand that the numbers here are not arranged randomly.

Studying the rules of the game you may notice that the alternation of even and odd, small and big numbers is more or less even. And the rules American roulette rules allow you to bet on 2 or 3 numbers at the same time, on the zero surrounding area, on dozens. You can also choose the so-called simple chances, such as red or black, here the probability of winning is the greatest, hence the ratio between the bet and the possible winnings are minimum.

Rules of American roulette maintain a possibility of any bets on equal chances to be “arrested” if the ball lands on zero or double zero.

Advantages and disadvantages of American roulette

American roulette advantages are based on its rules. They are the following:

  1. Easily understood, quite simple betting principles. Unlike with many other games you do not need to spend long to understand the game, and the payout table can be kept before your eyes.
  2. This game is perfectly suited for beginners. Since studying and memorizing the rules will take on average less than half an hour, American roulette is usually the game through which players get to know the casino.
  3. High speed process. If you do not like long exhausting rounds, this game is just for you.

Since BetVoyager casino functions in an open and honest manner, we will not hide from you the disadvantage of American roulette:

  1. High risk of loss compared to other types of roulette.
  2. Some players find it difficult to adjust from the European model, but this is largely a matter of personal preferences.
  3. The customer does not control anything. The player can make a bet or decide to stop and quit the game. Everything else is up to chance.

Conditions of the game

At BetVoyager casino you can play roulette for free (demo version), to enjoy the gameplay and to get familiar with the features of the game. You can make bets with real money, if you are 18 years old or over and if you have registered on the website and made a deposit. Both games have mobile versions for all types of electronic gadgets.