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Casino Holdem game review

In the world of passions building up, poker has no equal! Here one needs strong nerves, cold calculation and belief in luck. The most popular form of poker is Texas Hold'em. Its principles are adopted as standard, and it is them that are used in the most popular game Casino Holdem.

Casino Holdem rules

Casino Holdem rules is the key to success. The player's task is to make maximum use of them for his own benefit.

Casino Hold'em в features:

  • There are 4 boxes on the table. The most careful customers play on one, the most gambling gladly try to catch all the rabbits at once.
  • For each table there is only a minimum bet and a maximum payout. There are no restrictions on the size of the bet! You won’t have to constraint yourself and you can tickle your nerves betting any amount.
  • Before any cards are dealt, ante bet is placed, the player’s contribution, his "entry ticket" to Casino Holdem poker
  • For fans of extreme emotions it is possible to make a bonus bet AA+ immediately after the ante. It allows you to grab a huge jackpot. This is a bet that one of the first five cards (two players and the three flop cards) will be a combination of a pair of aces (Win 7: 1) or higher (payment of up to 100: 1 for a Royal Flush).

Bets are placed, the game is on, it's time to take a walk the line:

  1. Each box and the dealer are dealt two cards face down. The flop is revealed straight away - three cards that are placed on the table open.
  2. 2. Everyone examines their cards and the flop cards. Evaluate possible combinations and further opportunities. There are still two cards that could change the balance Casino Holdem strategy of the players. Options:
    • make a bet (double the ante bet);
    • fold and give up (fold);
    • those who bet an AA+ either break the bank on a cool combination or lose, the future game is not affected.
  3. 3. Two more cards are laid face up on the table. For each player and the dealer there 5 open cards and 2 of their own. Together, they can make a combination from a pair of up to a royal flush. The winner is the one whose hand is higher. The combination has 5 cards involved, it may be one or two own cards, and the rest from the table. But it can happen that a winning combination is taken only from the table, when the cards in the hands are lower than those on the table, in this case there is a draw.

Important! To qualify, the dealer's hand must have at least a pair of fours. If a player has a higher combination the ante payout goes according to the stated odds, and bet - 1:1. If the dealer has a lower combination or nothing at all and the player has good cards, the bet is returned to the player, the payment for ante is made according to the payout table.

Casino Holdem goals and strategy

The aim in Casino Hold'em: calculate your moves so as not to lose money on a dead-end combination, but at the same time not to miss the chance to break the bank. Casino opens up additional possibilities for its customers:

  1. Increased proportions with bonuses at AA +.
  2. Transparent payout system, each table has a list of possible bets and the payout ratios on ante and AA +.

The recipe for success in the Casino Hold'em: a little bluff, the ability to calculate opponent’s cards according to his bets, a sober assessment of your capabilities, all this stirred together, season with a pinch of luck and the cocktail is ready!

Welcome to the table!