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Play American Roulette Mobile game on your Iphone or Android online

American Roulette, also known as a double zero roulette is popular among gambling and casino conoisseurs. Even though the chances of winning here are lower than in European or French version, thousands of players choose it in online clubs around the world. Perhaps they are attracted to unusual betting patterns, or perhaps some people simply prefer to bet on the zero, considering it to be their lucky number.

For fans of the American version of roulette, playing from their phones and tablets, BetVoyager casino has developed a special mobile version. American roulette mobile is available as well as the classic version, to play for real money or for free and is fully compatible with any Android or iOS (Iphone, Ipad) devices

Features of American roulette mobile version

The American roulette Android and IOS is no different from the full PC version. Its functions have been fully transferred, the same rules apply and the exact same winnings are paid out. The game is only available online, with no download version.

For free access you need nothing but an internet connection. To play for money, you will need to register an account at the BetVoyager casino and make a deposit. The establishment guarantees the complete safety of your personal data and accounts. American roulette Ipad, iphone, android has the same high degree of protection against tampering or fraud, and the same guarantees of fairness, just like any other games of the casino.

Mobile version gameplay

The mobile version of American roulette at BetVoyager has three screens. On the first (uppermost) you will find the wheel and the payout table – Payouts tab. Strait Up - bet on a single number, Split – on two, Street – on three, Corner – on four, Five Numbers – on five numbers, Six line – on six, Column - columns, Dozen - dozens, and equal chances bets (Red or black - red-black, even or odd - even, odd, 1-18 and 19-36 - more-less)

The second screen has the game field for placing bets. Here you can also choose the value of chips (from 50 cents to 100 dollars), as well as to see the history of your previous bets. The chip is placed on one number or field, as well as on any lines intersections. American Roulette is the only game where you can also bet on five numbers - at the intersection of zero and its adjacent numbers.

The third screen is a window for the so-called "oral bids." You can also choose the value of chips (from 1 cent to 100 dollars), and the bet will be placed on five numbers - the chosen number and the two adjacent numbers on the left and the right.

This version of the game has the same features as the full version of American roulette for the PC. The interface is specfically adapted for smart devices and sensor-screen devices and is easy to operate with a touch screen. The only difference is that you can play anywhere where there is internet, so your favorite entertainment is always within a hand’s reach.