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Fibonacci strategy for roulette game

The Fibonacci strategy is one of the most common methods of playing roulette. Its roots go back to the Middle Ages, and its name is derived from the mathematical sequence created by Leonardo Fibonacci.

Fibonacci system concept

Fibonacci game method involves the use of a sequence of numbers to increase the bet limit. Bets are raised according to a particular algorithm. There are no major risks, so the system is suitable for players with a limited stack. It should be noted that the Fibonacci system involves some risk which should be taken into account. The chance of losing money is always there, but if you feel that luck is on your side, this method of play will help you to be even more successful.

The baseline of the system lies in using special number series. A randomly chosen number from the sequence is the sum of the previous two. In order to understand the nuances of the method, it is worth taking a look at an example.

Let us set a minimum bet of 5 chips. In this case, the number sequence is as follows: 5, 5, 10, 15, 25, 40, etc. As you can see, calculating your sequence is very simple. The minimum bet can be any amount of chips, depending on the bankroll that you have. This rate will determine how much money to place on the next spin. The higher your initial bet, the faster you will gain money, but the risk will also be higher.

Fibonacci roulette system can be applied to equal chances bets, such as red / black or odd / even. This way you will maximize your chance of winning. The main thing here is to be able to perform simple mathematical calculations, constantly counting how many chips you have placed before, and how many you have to risk at a time to remain in positive territory.

It is best to keep your calculations on paper, clearly recording your bankroll amounts and all bets. By following this algorithm, you will see the first results in a short timeframe.

How to use the Fibonacci system

Let’s take a closer look at Fibonacci roulette betting system in this example:

  1. Place a minimum bet of 1 chip. In case of loss write -1.
  2. The following bet will also be 1. If we lose, we write 2. Do not forget to add together all the losses.
  3. We act according to the algorithm: the 3rd bet will be 2 chips. A loss again.
  4. Bet 3 chips. We lose. Total minus - 7 chips.
  5. The fifth bet is 5 chips. And this time we won. Count the bankroll. -7 + 5 = -2 chips
  6. Place the 2 chips. We lose. Balance: -4.
  7. Place a 3 chips bet and we win. The losses amount to 1 chip.
  8. Next, place 2 chips, win and get to 0.
  9. Now we should place the minimum bet. If it wins, the cycle is considered completed. It all starts again.

From all the above we can conclude that Fibonacci Strategy requires a lot of patience. The system is used effectively throughout the world, but to learn how to use it correctly to play, you will need a little practice.