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Understand the roulette game: secrets revealed

By the number of secrets and rumors around it, roulette can compete with any other gambling game. Over the years tens of thousands of players around the world have tried to learn the secrets to roulette to gather them together and start beating the casino. Some claim that they were able to learn the secrets of this game. Well, we should face the truth: there are only a few people like this or none at all. Otherwise all the casinos would have already closed down.

Still, there are some game laws that can be called "the secrets of roulette." Following them will make your game more successful, and your bankroll larger.

Online roulette secrets

Some roulette secrets revealed are free for everyone to see, some others take the form of rumors and legends. Here are some rules that are used by professional roulette players:

The first secret. Inkrulers (professional players) prefer to place equal chances bets. This allows you to save the bankroll and to lead a more systematic game. You can look at any of the most popular betting systems - virtually all of them are based on this principle.

The second secret. Perhaps the biggest of online roulette secrets is the probability of a particular bet winning. An automatic calculation of the results of all spins is ideal for probability theory applications. So for example bets on black win about 48.5% of the time. Why not 50%? Zero is the reason: it "steals" one and a half per cent probability, thus helping the casino to remain in positive territory.

The third secret. Only play European roulette. The American version of the game with double zero makes the chance of winning even lower. The house edge in this case will be a little less than 6%. In the online version of the game this advice may be revised.

The fourth secret. Do not play roulette for a long time. If you are lucky, and you have raised a good bankroll, try not to play anymore on the same day. According to the theory of probability you are unlikely to be able to win more, but it is quite possible to lose.

The fifth secret. The casino has a competitive advantage only in the long term, that is, with an unlimited number of spins. In practice, a game with a small amount of spins (100-200) can very often be profitable.

The sixth secret. The result of each spin is not random. It is clearly defined by a program at the beginning of the game, following a particular algorithm, which does not violate the laws of mathematics. The system of calculation is very complicated, but it leads to the fact that the loss on certain values occur approximately evenly. This allows us to apply the probability theory and get a chance to increase our bankroll.

These are the basic roulette secrets uncovered, which can be simply called tips. They will help novice players to understand the game, which, despite its apparent simplicity, is quite complex.

Roulette secrets can help win in the game?

Often, a lack of understanding and failure to comply with the above principles is a major cause of failure in roulette. Secrets to roulette at a casino should be used by each player, because they constitute the basic principles of this game of chance. Of course, they are not the answer to everything and they may not lead to big wins, but they will help to realize your mistakes and adjust your style of play.

With cold calculation and a sharp mind, one can make good money on the roulette. This is only possible only if you can fully control yourself, stop taking spontaneous decisions and follow the simple tips above.